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Forum Nokia released Flash Lite Components v1.0 beta

Forum Nokia released the first set of mobile optimized components “Flash Lite Components v1.0 beta” The components come as installable .mxp files with instructions and full source code.

“This resource file includes six Flash Lite components; Button component, Contacts component, List component, Media data component, Popup component, and Scrollbar component. The components can be used to develop applications to devices supporting Flash Lite 2.0.”


Build a reusable Flash Lite 1.1 component

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Forum Nokia published an in-depth article on “Build a reusable Flash Lite 1.1 component”

Components and reusable code are important aspects to developing applications for any platform, including Flash Lite 1.1. Components speed up development and help make coding tasks easier. Many people still thinks or left designing applications or content in Flash Lite 1.1 for many reasons or off-course limitations but i still feel and try my best to work on Flash Lite 1.1 as device can be targeted more and you can reach it to more users.