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Playyoo Launch Contest Winners Announced

Playyoo flash lite games

Playyoo, the largest collection of free Flash Lite games online today announced winners
The results are based only on community activity. From various measures, we derive a “game popularity index”. The algorithm for this has been enhanced over time to improve the fairness and balance. Clearly, game quality is a big factor in winning!!

The Winners are:
1. Match the Blocks a game by Samir won $10,000
2. The Empty Space a game by Loomand won $7,000
3. Panic Mechanic a game by marc won $3,000
4. qTile a game by ptm won $1,500
5. Ludo Cells a game by Samir
6. Mr. Shooti a game by Roozbeh won $1,000
7. Think Fast a game by izam won $500
8. Bog Frog a game by Ekleptica won $500
9. Fill Board a game by Samir
10. SokoLite a game by ptm won $500
11. Orang Bunian a game by Faisal Arbain won $500
12. Sketch Mini a game by santoki won $500
13. Sushi Mushi Mania a game by marc
14. Mondo Under a game by bitacora13
15. The Bee Game a game by lfons
16. UFO Catcher: Barnyard Abduction a game by Naz
17. Sea Combat a game by Mariam Dholkawala
18. Trop Tris a game by CreativeSource
19. Mr. Cease Fire a game by HungamaMobile
20. Shark-Thrasher a game by digitallamb

Read contest page for more info.


Playyoo Launches Community-Based Platform for Flash lite Mobile Casual Games

Playyoo flash lite games

Playyoo, a social networking platform for creating and sharing mobile casual games, today announced the official launch of its public beta site ( and on mobile phones) giving mobile users easy access to free Adobe Flash Lite games.

“Since we first unveiled our preview site in October, Playyoo has generated strong interest within the Flash Lite and gaming communities. We’ve had visitors from 82 countries on 162 mobile networks on our mobile site, and we are seeing an enthusiastic and growing community of early adopters on our web site, including several leading Flash Lite game developers,” said Chris Pelly, CEO of Playyoo.

“Read more”


Playyoo launches Flash lite mobile game development competition


New mobile games portal Playyoo is running a Flash lite game development competition, with a grand prize of over $10,000.

The site is billed as a social community for mobile games, allowing players to upload and share free-to-play games supported by short advertisements before and after sessions. Games will be based on Adobe’s Flash Lite, opening compatibility to all enabled phones.

In addition to the grand prize of $10,000, there are nine further runner-up prizes amounting to $25,000.
Developers can submit as many games as they wish before the February 28th finish date, and winners will be decided by popularity and download counts.

For more information on the competition, entry rules and Playyoo’s free SDK Flash plugin, visit the contest website.

So be ready to put your Flash Lite games in front of a big audience & win exciting prizes  :)


Bunnymind: a Flash lite Mastermind game by Breakdesign


Rick “Breakdesign” did a little visual remix of the Mastermind Flash lite game by Matheus Gorino. It looks really cool, graphics and animation is simply excellent :) I tested in Nokia 6680, Nokia 6131 in both it works fine. This game is a open source.

Download Swf and source


Lufthansa airlines japan with some Flash lite content

Lufthansa airlines japan

Just by searching airlines company i found Lufthansa airlines, japan mobile site. Intrestingly it contains Adobe Flash lite content like wallpaper, Games, animations. Cool!!


Memory Match – a FlashLite 1.1 Game

Memory Match

A Memory Match game with joy and fun by Pycotech Pte Ltd. Graphics looks good :)