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Video: Introduction to Adobe’s mobile packager

A step by step video tutorial of Adobe’s mobile packager for distributing your Flash lite content by Serge Jespers.
“you can now package your application using the Mobile Packager and distribute your application as an SIS-file for Symbian S60 or CAB-file for Window Mobile phones. Your users can now download and install your Flash based application on their mobile device just like any other application they install. What’s even cooler is that we also package a Flash Version Checker together with your application. As soon as the user launches the application, the Flash Version Checker is going to check if the Flash Player is installed and if it is the correct version. If not, it’s going to download and install the Flash Lite runtime seamlessly.”

Unfortunately this packager works only on Windows and i hope adobe may release Mac version soon!!!

Very cool.


Adobe Releases Distributable Flash Lite 3.1 Player



Adobe released the most excited stuff for Adobe Flash Lite developer “redistributable version of the Flash Lite 3.1 player along with the packager tool”. You really don’t need to worry about whether someone has the player, and being helpless to get them it if they haven’t. :)

The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Adobe® Flash Lite™ and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones, providing a better on-device user experience.

Currently this solution is available only in few selected cities like India, Italy, Spain, UK, and the U.S. can easily download applications. (additional countries will be added over time.) After downloading an application, consumers see its user-friendly icon in the device menu.

I am excited to do few testing on my Nokia 5320 Xpress music, we all should be proud that adobe made this available for India :D .

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Video Tutorials: Flash Lite Distributable Player Tutorials – Introducing the Adobe AppZone

The Adobe AppZone is a catlog that helps end user to discover your mobile applications right on their device. In this Video, you will learn how AppZone works. Very Cool :)


Video Tutorials: Flash Lite Distributable Player Tutorials – Using the Mobile Packager

In this Video Tutorial you will learn about how to create installable mobile packages step-by-step. Discover how to version your application, set the right Flash Lite version, and trigger Flash upgrades.


Video Tutorials: Flash Lite Distributable Player Tutorials – Application Signing

Application signing is important for building trust with your new user base and is an essential part of security. You will learn how to create your developer certificate for testing.


Video Tutorials: Flash Lite Distributable Player Tutorials – Setting Up your Computer

Adobe release couple of videos to learn about Flash Lite Distributable Player.
The Above Video is about to Learn where to get your computer set up SDKs to create installable mobile packages. This is something really great news for all Flash lite developers :)


Video Tutorials: Flash Lite Distributable Player Tutorials – Overview

In this Video you will find about Adobe Flash Lite Distributable Player solution created to help you create, package, distribute, and sell your mobile applications.


Adobe Nitro Sneak at MAX 2008 “Flash widgets for multiple screens” !!

Watch this early preview of Adobe Nitro “a platform to design, build and distribute Flash widgets for multiple screens”. Now you can package once and widgets can be used for anywhere. Very cool :)


Wow :) Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player announced, over-the-air (OTA)

Flash Lite player 3.1

Via Alessandro, Wow :) this is something really great news from Adobe Max 2008 for all Flashlite developers. Now you can Create, Package & Distribute your Flash lite content easily and developers and content providers no longer need to worry about whether the device has the latest Flash Lite runtime.

The Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player is the first runtime provided by Adobe to developers for over-the-air distribution together with applications. Flash Lite 3.1 has the same functionalities as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. Please note that at this time h.264 video is not supported. Adobe’s goal is always to provide the latest version of Flash Lite for over-the-air (OTA) download through the distributable player solution. Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player will work on supported S60 and Windows Mobile devices. The Distributable Player is integrated with Adobe AppZone.


Kuneri released SWFPack, a Flash Lite packager

swf pack

Kuneri released SWFPack which is available as a beta service for Flash Lite developers without a cost. With the first release, Flash Lite content can be deployed to Symbian devices in SIS format, followed by Series 40 devices in NFL and Windows Mobile devices in CAB formats in the following releases. Kuneri aims to make SWFPack a standard tool, providing more enhanced features in the future.

“We have a vision to make things simpler for mobile application developers. In this way they can focus on the content quality and better user experience. SWFPack is the first milestone on our roadmap and will be followed by a series of other innovations” says Ugur Kaner, CEO of the Finnish company.