The Centrality of Design

Josh Brewer, Former Principal Designer at Twitter, explains the inherent benefits of designing your meetings, using prototyping, the value of design in leadership positions, infusing a company with design and sketching together.


Digital Magazines concept: Bonnier Mag+ Prototype

Bonnier R&D Mag+ Prototype

Bonnier R&D’s Mag+ Prototype

Bonnier R&D’s Mag+ Prototype

Bonnier R&D’s Mag+ Prototype

Elegant button free mockup, you can see the above video, its a great insight into how we consume magazines.This conceptual video is a corporate collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D into the experience of reading magazines on handheld digital devices. It illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future.

The concept aims to capture the essence of magazine reading, which people have been enjoying for decades: an engaging and unique reading experience in which high-quality writing and stunning imagery build up immersive stories.

The concept uses the power of digital media to create a rich and meaningful experience, while maintaining the relaxed and curated features of printed magazines. It has been designed for a world in which interactivity, abundant information and unlimited options could be perceived as intrusive and overwhelming.

I would like to hear from you, your experiences, what you like to see in upcoming digital reading experiences. Do you really think Apple ipad can be a game changer in industry! Do people really love reading magazines in handheld digital devices?