“Adobe Wallaby” Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML and reach more devices!

Adobe Labs today unveiled a new free tool called Wallaby that will convert Flash into HTML5. It’s built on Adobe’s Air platform, both Windows and Mac based developers will be able to use it.

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe Flash Professional (FLA) files into HTML. Wallaby is not a final product and is still in the testing and validation phase. We are not yet able to commit to a roadmap for this experimental technology.

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New experiences in digital magazines on Apple ipad

A recent presentation from Adobe Max 2010 to know how Adobe’s Digital Publishing Platform is creating some new experiences in digital magazine on apple ipad

“They describe the process of working with WIRED magazine to design a new user experience for digital magazines. Learn how content informed the interface decisions, how WIRED is making use of the new possibilities for interactivity”

Another example from Condé Nast magazine which is also interesting and have similar pattern.

If you are interested in process how Adobe in Design can help you achieving this. Watch the above video. i would like to experiment with this and will share some examples.


Pointroll in your pocket: The how and why of mobile advertising with Flash player 10.1

A recent presentation from Adobe max 2010 about how flash player 10.1 can be used creatively for mobile advertising.

“Join Todd Pasternack and Chris Deely of leading rich media provider PointRoll as they discuss the present and future of rich media mobile advertising. Learn how and why you should leverage Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in your mobile campaigns. They’ll explore the overall strategy and creative use of device features and take a look at some code optimized for mobile development. They’ll also touch on some of the future uses of Flash Player, including leveraging existing assets, implementing IAB standards, and serving ads into mobile Adobe AIR applications.”


Blackberry Playbook: Everything You Want to Know

Blackberry Playbook

I think i’m talking about Adobe max 2010 lately but i saw the demo of Blackberry Playbook using Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and HTML 5 technology and it impress me a lot with symmetric multiprocessing and multitasking. So i thought to read more about it. Not Sure but it can be a rival of apple ipad beside apple store is huge so its too early too comment on that.

You can read more about it here.

Also if you like to discover how BlackBerry App world can be used to deliver your application to users and generate revenue, watch this recent video from Adobe.


Steve Jobs: Flash is No Longer Necessary!! what you think?

Thoughts on flash

Steve Jobs recently posted a long letter on Adobe Flash, why Apple has decided not to support it on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The letter is a clear, in-depth view in all of Flash’s defects from Apple’s point of view, and while we’re sure it will be dissected over and over again in the upcoming days (especially the part about Flash not being open), you have to admire its frankness.

In short, Steve Jobs claims Flash drains the battery of mobile devices; it’s not very good for multi-touch operation; and its performance, reliability and security are all shoddy. It’s also a proprietary system, and while Jobs admits that their mobile OS is also proprietary, he claims that web standards should be open, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Most importantly Apple doesn’t want “a third party layer of software [to] come between the platform and the developer.” Finally, Jobs concludes, Flash is a relic. “Flash was created during the PC era –- for PCs and mice,” he says, “but the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards –- all areas where Flash falls short.”

It’s a long discussion and i love adobe flash since long time. what you think, Do you think flash will survive in next years? Write us? i like to hear from you.

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New features in Adobe Flash Professional CS5

Yesterday Adobe launches highly anticipated releases of the creative suite CS5, with many new exciting features. Have a look to Some of the great features which i like in new Adobe Flash Professional CS5.

1.Code Snippets panel

Reduce the ActionScript 3.0 learning curve and enable greater creativity by injecting prebuilt code into projects.

2.Creative Suite integration

creative suite integration
Enhance productivity when using Adobe Creative Suite components such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash Builder

3.XML-based FLA source files

xml based FLA source files
Manage and modify projects using source control systems and collaborate on files more easily.

4.Wide content distribution

flash cs5 wide content distribution
Publish content virtually anywhere, using Adobe AIR for desktop applications and mobile platforms including the iPhone, or Adobe Flash Player for browser-based experiences.

5.Flash Builder integration

flash cs5 builder integration
Use Flash Builder as your primary ActionScript editor for Flash Professional projects.

6.Video improvements

flash cs5 video improvements
Streamline video processes with on-stage video scrubbing and a new cue points property inspector.

7.Spring for Bones

flash cs5 spring for bones
Create more realistic inverse kinematic effects with new motion attributes added to the Bones tool.

8.Deco drawing tools

flash cs5 deco drawing tools
Add advanced animation effects with a new comprehensive set of brushes for the Deco tool.

if you like to know more details about it, read here. http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/whatsnew/


Transforming the magazine experience with Flash Player 10.1 and adobe air on tablet device

At Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA showcases Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR on Tegra-powered tablet device. See a slick new digital magazine experience based on WIRED magazine, powered by Adobe AIR. This prototype runs across different device types with Adobe AIR and illustrates the possibilities for magazine publishers to reach readers in new ways.

“In addition, with this digital magazine concept, advertisers have new possibilities for displaying ad content. Advertisers can develop rich-media magazine “inserts” to provide expanded information to customers directly within the magazine experience — without directing the reader’s attention away to a Web site. Publishers can also offer expanded ad formats that include animation and embedded video. Finally, as is the case with most digital advertising, this new magazine concept opens the possibility for more precise advertising performance metrics beyond the comparatively crude audience measurement/ad engagement techniques in use today.”

Interesting!, i love the new digital magazine experience on tablet the way they shown it, simple and intuitive 🙂


Private browsing in Adobe Flash Player 10.1!

Private browsing in Flash Player 10.1

Adobe Developer Connection recently published an article on new feature of Flash player 10 “Private browsing in Adobe Flash Player 10.1“. Currently the following browsers support private browsing:

  • Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5+
  • Apple Safari 2.0+
  • Google Chrome 1.0+

Flash Player private browsing support will be enabled with a future release of Safari.!

“For times when you want to keep the sites that you visit private, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 supports the private browsing mode found in many web browsers. Private browsing lets you browse the web without storing any history on your computer. Integrating with your web browser, Flash Player 10.1 will automatically clear stored data in accordance with your browser’s private browsing settings.”


Web browsers typically remember sites that you have previously visited or the name and password used for favorite sites—a history of sites that you visit—to help you quickly retrace your steps online. For occasions when you do not want other people using the same computer to see your history, many browsers offer a “private browsing” mode. When you turn on private browsing, these browsers will not remember any history, allowing you to hide your activity from other users sharing the same machine and browser.

When you use private browsing mode (during a private browsing “session”), the web browser stores several types of information only temporarily. Once you end the session, the browser will delete that data, including the record of your visit in the browser’s history, cookies, and cached image files. This keeps your browsing session private from other people that may use the same computer. This contrasts with normal browsing, where the browser remembers history that you can use even after you’ve restarted your browser.

With Flash Player 10.1 private browsing support, Flash Player will automatically clear any data it might store during a private browsing session, helping to keep your history private.

Cool new feature 🙂 What’s your thought?