Adobe Flash Professional CS5 “Viper” sneaks from FOTB09!!

Adobe Flash Professional CS5

Via flashmagazine, “Rumors had been flying around for a few days before the conference that we were going to see some sneak peaks at this year’s Adobe keynote, and that’s exactly what happened. Richard Galvan and Mark Anders, “Senior” Principle Scientist at Adobe, were back again this year with an update on the Flash platform and a sneak peek on Flash CS5 and the new Flash Mobile features”

Some exciting features are:

  • Richard Galvan gave us our first sneak peak of “Viper” Flash Professional CS5. The big news for developers is that Flash authoring finally gets integration with FlashBuilder. If you’re using Flash CS5, a new FlashBuilder project can be created from Flash CS5 through a new export dialogue.
  • Editing in the Flash authoring environment has also been improved and the team has a focus on making Flash more approachable again.
  • The editor also gets a solid brush-up in this version. Much requested features such as custom class completion and introspection inside the IDE. Import any class and you’ll get code hints just as in FlashBuilder for both methods and properties, along with a description taken from the ASDoc code.
  • For designers, the new Flash Text Layout Framework is now supported in the Text Layout panels and The Deco-brush has been beefed up.

If you are attending Adobe MAX you will get to see it in it’s full glory and even if you can’t make it to MAX, all sessions are promised to be online at Adobe TV within 3.5 hours after each presentation so you’re not missing out on all that much by not attending either.



  1. hello,
    “the” news of the day, but I guess it’s absurdely tooooo late for Flash having at least decent editor!!! And CS5 will be out next year!!

  2. I wonder if this will finally bring a more unified workflow to the industry. Right now it seems like everyone does things differently, and there’s a bit of a struggle to figure out what the “right” way is.

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