actface Rhythm: Mobile interface design “experience it”

I’ve recently stumbled upon an interesting interface design by teamlab, the way they designed and looked into the natural dynamics of touch interface is amazing. I liked it personally very much such an amazingly rich, engaging experience that’s just bursting with possibility for further creativity. 🙂

“Actface” is a mobile device designed to create new contents using meta information of users behaviors.”

“Actface Rhythm is not a phone designed to produce music, but a phone that produces an internal rhythm, a moving image that is produced through the everyday use and the rhythm of pressing the keys. We regularly press keys to make a call, and to send a mail, and we considered this to be a natural rhythm. We designed actface Rhythm’s interface to produce an ink painting world that is created by the user, and as the phone is used the ink painting continues to develop and move with the rhythm you create.”


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