Nokia releases Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40

Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40

Via Mariam, a great news for Flash Lite developers: Nokia releases the Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40 for 5th Ed1 FP1

  • Allowing launch of a swf file directly using it’s own icon (overriding the default Flash icon), from the Gallery.
  • Allow localization of the application name in the Gallery instead of the file name.
  • Allowing DRM protection.

“This document outlines a procedure and file format for distributing Flash Lite from Adobe content to Series 40 devices. The format is handled correctly by Nokia devices compatible with Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 or newer. The .NFL format offers developers the chance to package related resource files together and to launch content using an icon in the same way as “full” applications. This format improves both the publishing and user experience of Flash Lite content onto a wide range of Nokia devices.”

The Package format is based on the universally accepted ZIP archive format, with some requirements for mandatory content as well as file extension. I feel this is something really important as Flash lite developer needs an easiest way to package and distribute their content for mobile devices.

Bill perry shown the step by step how to create this package and its similarity in workflow with other Flash packager like AIR, Flex etc.


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