Microsoft Challenges Adobe Stranglehold: Silverlight versus Flash Lite in the Mobile Arena


The Strategy Analytics report says, “Silverlight on Mobile will not catch up with Adobe’s Flash Lite in the foreseeable future, but Microsoft recognizes a great opportunity beyond providing an alternative to Adobe’s Flash Lite. This Silverlight strategic offering will boost Microsoft’s online and cross-platform ambitions in the mobile space according to analysts at Strategy Analytics.

“The Silverlight deal with Nokia gives Microsoft access to Nokia’s S60 licensees including LG, Samsung which is vital for competing with Flash Lite,” commented Sravan Kundojjala, Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “They estimates that over 1.7 billion Flash Lite-enabled phones will be shipped globally over the next three years alone.”

Stuart Robinson, Director of the Handset Component Services added, “Strategy Analytics believes cross-platform wars will likely heat up in the mobile space, an argument strengthened by Nokia’s Trolltech acquisition. And also believes that SUN Microsystems will join the fray with its JavaFX platform.”

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