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Through the Lens

Ecosystems Have Changed Our Roles and the Way We Work

For me, there are a few well made points:

  • Journeys drive strategy; personas aren’t enough
  • “Mono-messages” are no longer useful in ecosystems; marketing and UX have to co-exist
  • Ecosystems are pushing us to reinvent the way we work together, literally
  • Designing for experiences within an ecosystem requires a deep understanding of data. Data are the new pixels – they are the cell units of ecosystem design. Algorithms are the new rules of style and composition

by Cindy Chastain

Moments Around You Using Project Glass

At many times technology that helps you to explore and share your world around you, putting you back in the moment.
It’s a old video from Project Glass but i still love the interaction it’s intuitively designed.

Mobile tools brings new photography era

A nice little video documentary about photography in the era of Instagram.

I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop.
– Ansel Adams


Secrets to Lightning Fast Mobile Design

“Secrets to Lightning Fast Mobile Design” thoughts shared by Instagram co-founders Mike Krieger.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Making Of Samsung Galaxy S III Design Identity

Inspiring design identity story behind Samsung Galaxy S III design.

Google Now is Beautifully Crafted

Google Now is just beautifully crafted “minimal designed” and getting enough aspects of strong mobile design.

The future of customer experience

“A young woman uses mobile technology to identify, search and buy an outfit for a wedding and to interact with retailers in the online and physical worlds.” This video is all about engaging customers in retail world.

Mobile Prototyping Essentials

This presentation by Rachel Hinman is loaded with lots of insight thought on Mobile Prototyping essentials.

Paper for the iPad, Simply Beautiful

Paper for the iPad, oh i loved it, its simply beautifully crafted. Watch the video :)


Motrr founders Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt created a revolutionary product “Galileo“.

iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation capability. Galileo is an invaluable tool to everyone from an amateur photographer to the professional cinematographer, and vastly improves the experience of video chat for anyone needing to stay connected.

The Power of Mobile Web for Tourism

Nice presentation by Stephanie Rieger

Buttons are a Hack: The New Rules of Designing for Touch

“Fingers and thumbs turn design conventions on their head. Touchscreen interfaces create ergonomic, contextual, and even emotional demands that are unfamiliar to desktop designers. Find out why our beloved desktop windows, buttons, and widgets are weak replacements for manipulating content directly, and learn practical principles for designing mobile interfaces that are both more fun and more intuitive. Along the way, discover why buttons are a hack, how to develop your gesture vocabulary, and why toys and toddlers provide eye-opening lessons in this new style of design.” – Josh Clark

Starbucks Continues Augmented Reality Experiments For Valentine’s Day

Starbucks keep experimenting on Augmented reality in various ways. If you’ve visited Starbucks lately, you may have noticed some heart-adorned cups designed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. These are part of a mobile augmented reality program. Just watch the above video to know how you can play with it.

A Day Made of Glass 2: Expanded Corning Vision

The story behind Corning’s Vision of “A Day Made of Glass 2″.
See the above video, how Corning’s highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world.