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SignEasy – featured in the AppStore as “Best New Apps”

Signeasy featured in apple

One of my recent Mobile design work “SignEasy” for iOS 7 is being featured as “Best New Apps” on Apple.

Download SignEasy for iPhone

I am excited and love to know your feedback.

Default Picture

Recently i was working on default pictures or some people say ghost image for a Mobile application. I tried different variations of icons, flat colour, doodles etc. Somehow i was not satisfied with it, at many times generic grey profile picture looks boring and dull.
So finally i design these abstract patterns in combination of first initial of the name to make it personal which looks interesting and the same time it creates a colour, personality and vibrancy.

Let me know what you think?


Woke up this morning and designed the universe illustration because i love this quote by Muriel Rukeyser
Sometimes its good to do a bit different then doing a regular work that refresh your energy. What do you think?


Discovery+Usability – Two great tastes that taste great together


Few sketches i did during my vacation in Goa, India. Some times its good to take break from routine life to see the natural beauty around.

Wish you all happy and blissful new year ahead. :)

Design+Tech = Sweet Spot

I created this illustration today morning just to begin my beautiful day :)

“Design+Tech = Sweet Spot  – here the magic happens”

Beautiful Morning

Took these photo sometime ago using my iPhone, learning these days iPhone Photography :) and making my beautiful morning with Chirping birds around. If you love this, you should email me. It’ll make my day. :)

Sparkling Lights

I recently took this photo while roaming around city. If you love this, you should email me. It’ll make my day. :)


The above image is original and If you love and like to buy it, you should email me. It’ll make my day. I appreciate it. :)
Size: 13×17 inches or 960×1280 px at 72dpi

click click: from my window :)

flowers from my window

flower from my window 2

red carnation

little squirrel


Since quite a long time i was thinking to start a creative photo journey in my blog of what i click around me, i love to go out and do a bit of photography of nature, people, Faces, emotions anything which i found it interesting to share or capture through my new camera.

Well, yes truly love to know your comments too.


Submitted my Entry for FlashLite Developer’s Challenge

 nature i2fly mobile application

I submitted my cute little application “Nature” to the FlashLite Developer’s Challenge and hope people will like it. I will share further more details, video and couple of more screenshots soon.

Love to know your feedback . .keep writing me :)


Design composition on recycled cardboard



Last week i switched off my macbook pro for few hours which usually i don’t and took some spare time to see my old design works.

And i designed this using recycled cardboard with cutout of some of my old and new illustration prints :)
Finally sticked on my study room door ;)

I really love this.


i2fly featured in cool mobile design catagories on PAGE design magazine :)

i2fly page mag germany_01

i2fly page mag germany_02

i2fly page mag germany_03

i2fly on the cool mobile design showcase of PAGE magazine’s January 2009 issue. I’ve been dreaming of being featured on publications this year and never imagined to be get featured in the beginning of new year. Feeling soo great and a dream come true :)

About project:
Mysore dasara is a mobile website designed for Indian festival. you can find the finest information while traveling there, an ultimate travel guide for events schedules, hotels, how to reach, image gallery etc.
You can read about Mysore dasara mobile project here.

Cheers everyone. :)


New wishes and New year 2009 :)


I don’t feel its too late to wish all of you for a very happy & cheerful new year seasons :) i was on holidays with parents and many new plans for this year. Apologies too if i haven’t replied to any of your mails, need to catch a lots of things .

Feel free to get in touch with me if you are looking for Graphics & Interactive designer. we can discuss projects offline.
just send me an email to

Cheers everyone

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

We (i2fly) are back again with our refreshing mobile content for this beautiful Christmas and new year ahead. And we thought it’s a great time to impress with these little contents. You can impress others and make feel great to yourself & your mobile too.

So let’s begin & decorate your mobile phones with all new creative and cute Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers. We (i2fly) released a whole new range of mobile contents for Christmas, New Year and holiday seasons to make your moments more beautiful and personalized.

It’s too simple to download them, just choose the respective below link and download.

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

1.Rudolph in the snow 2.Cute snowy santa 3. Beautiful tree 4.frosty the snowman 5.Dazzling reindeer clock

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

6.Sparkling snow day 7.lovely xmastree 8.Snow in forest 9.Christmas clock 10.Winters snowy night 11.Rudolph in the snow

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

12.Love n christmas 13.Mountainscape

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

14.Wish star 15.Christmas snow charger

As usual love to know your comments/suggestions, please feel free to post here or write me. And if you like to see some beautiful ideas which you have it in your mind, mail us we will love to know and craft especially for your phones to see more happy and smiling faces. :)

We are also looking for association to distribute our mobile contents world wide, mail us ( if you have any kinda requirements.

Stay tuned. . we are in process for something more  Yes! more :D

It’s Christmas time !!!