good article on “Industry trends in prototyping”

trends in prototyping

trends in prototyping

A nice article by Dave Cronin on “Industry trends in prototyping” and work around in different scenarios.

There are various reasons for creating prototypes.

  • Prototypes make your designs better
  • Prototypes facilitate communication
  • Prototypes enable user input and usability assessment
  • Prototypes help assess technical feasibility and reduce development time

“Call it serendipity or even luck, but once you start drawing or making things, you open up new possibilities of discovery.”



My article updated on Adobe DevNet: Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4

i2fly-designing for mobile devices

I recently updated my article on Adobe Devnet “Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4“. Using design and i much passionate about  creating engaging experiences which differentate any simple application in to enjoyable, usable and engaging.

“The visual elements that comprise the user experience on mobile devices are themselves becoming more important as devices become more complex and users become more adept. I believe there is a great opportunity at this time to help shape the future of user interfaces on handheld devices and promote intuitive interaction as a standard. Making something beautiful, as well as functional, will result in an application that is useful and offers a more interesting and compelling experience for consumers.”

“Put simply: small is beautiful. When interface design effortlessly fulfils the purpose of an application while also enhancing its aesthetic, there is a greater chance that the end product will be successful. Users are naturally more drawn towards an application that they view as enjoyable and engaging.”

Its great and love to know your feedback, kindly post your comments.