good article on “Industry trends in prototyping”

trends in prototyping

trends in prototyping

A nice article by Dave Cronin on “Industry trends in prototyping” and work around in different scenarios.

There are various reasons for creating prototypes.

  • Prototypes make your designs better
  • Prototypes facilitate communication
  • Prototypes enable user input and usability assessment
  • Prototypes help assess technical feasibility and reduce development time

“Call it serendipity or even luck, but once you start drawing or making things, you open up new possibilities of discovery.”


Adobe Releases Distributable Flash Lite 3.1 Player



Adobe released the most excited stuff for Adobe Flash Lite developer “redistributable version of the Flash Lite 3.1 player along with the packager tool”. You really don’t need to worry about whether someone has the player, and being helpless to get them it if they haven’t. 🙂

The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Adobe® Flash Lite™ and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones, providing a better on-device user experience.

Currently this solution is available only in few selected cities like India, Italy, Spain, UK, and the U.S. can easily download applications. (additional countries will be added over time.) After downloading an application, consumers see its user-friendly icon in the device menu.

I am excited to do few testing on my Nokia 5320 Xpress music, we all should be proud that adobe made this available for India 😀 .

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New wishes and New year 2009 :)


I don’t feel its too late to wish all of you for a very happy & cheerful new year seasons 🙂 i was on holidays with parents and many new plans for this year. Apologies too if i haven’t replied to any of your mails, need to catch a lots of things .

Feel free to get in touch with me if you are looking for Graphics & Interactive designer. we can discuss projects offline.
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Cheers everyone

Wow :) Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player announced, over-the-air (OTA)

Flash Lite player 3.1

Via Alessandro, Wow 🙂 this is something really great news from Adobe Max 2008 for all Flashlite developers. Now you can Create, Package & Distribute your Flash lite content easily and developers and content providers no longer need to worry about whether the device has the latest Flash Lite runtime.

The Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player is the first runtime provided by Adobe to developers for over-the-air distribution together with applications. Flash Lite 3.1 has the same functionalities as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. Please note that at this time h.264 video is not supported. Adobe’s goal is always to provide the latest version of Flash Lite for over-the-air (OTA) download through the distributable player solution. Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player will work on supported S60 and Windows Mobile devices. The Distributable Player is integrated with Adobe AppZone.


Adobe bringing full-fledged Flash to phones

Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch at Adobe’s Max conference

Adobe has worked for years on a lightweight incarnation of its Flash technology for mobile phones, and now is working to bring the full-fledged Flash Player 10 to higher-end smartphones 🙂 Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch said at Adobe’s Max conference.

“We are midst of evolving Flash Player 10 for mobile,” Lynch said. “We’re taking the full Flash Player and making that run on the higher end of the mobile market.”

Distributable Flash Lite player – This is awesome news for all of us, Lynch acknowledged that it’s hard to actually run Flash content with existing technology. Now, though, Flash Lite applications can be shared as a simple Web address, he said, and if Flash Lite isn’t installed, it can be retrieved automatically.
“You can package your application built with Flash and deploy it to smartphones like Windows Mobile and Symbian, and we hope to get to Android as well,” Lynch said. “If you don’t already have Flash Lite, it will detect that and install it on your mobile phone over the air.”
Flash includes auto-update technology so users generally have a current version installed, and Adobe plans to keep that philosophy with its push into the mobile realm, he added. Partners to help enable that update process include Cisco Systems, NTT DoCoMo, Verizon, Comcast, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Qualcomm, and ARM.
Lynch also boasted that Adobe is exceeding its goals for Flash on mobile phones. “Our goal (was to make) a billion phones Flash-enabled by 2010,” Lynch said. “We’re actually going to get 1 billion Flash-enabled phones by 2009.”

Adobe also working on Adobe air for mobile which they released AIR 1.5 on Monday, a version that inherits Flash Player 10 abilities such as better text rendering, support for right-to-left text scripts such as Arabic, multichannel audio, and 3D effects.
“Like Flash, AIR is headed for the mobile world. Lynch also demonstrated AIR 1.5 running on a Linux-based Aigo miniature computer–what Intel likes to call a MID, or mobile Internet device.”

Quite many things are happening around Adobe Max 2008 and many great exciting news coming up. keep reading my blog i will update you 🙂



Nokia Developer Confrence ’08’, Bangalore

Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Forum Nokia is organising Nokia Developer Confrence ’08’ in Bangalore. So let’s join, share and see what you are dreaming about 🙂
I like this character also very much its simple and cute 😉 

Event details:

Date: 10 Dec. 2008
City: Bangalore
Venue: Taj residency, Bangalore, Karnataka

Register here

The great news is Forum Nokia is offering IndiMaD members an additional 25% discount on the registration fees. If you plan to attend the event, please register for the event & send an email to group moderator for the discount. This discount is available till the 21st of November 2008.

I will be there for sure so feel free & buzz me on my mobile 9986642998, let’s meet and discuss anything you like.


Adobe Flash Lite Penetration Forecast for 2008/2009

This is great news for all Adobe Flash lite developers via Mark, This time Strategy Analytics shown a great detail statistics for Adobe Flash lite Forecast worldwide.

strategy analytics logo

Flash Lite Penetration Forecast for 2008/2009
Forecasted Shipments of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide

As you can see from above images that they are forecasting over 922 million devices to be shipped with Flash lite by this year end. In 2009 it will cross 1 Billion device mark and by the next year end it will ship up 1.5 billion which is very incredible and show a happy face around Adobe flash lite developers. I hope in India we will see some great business around.

Flash Lite Penetration india Forecast 2008-2009
Forecasted Shipments of Flash Lite Devices APAC “India” region

Look the above image Indian regions are growing pretty well too 🙂

Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide
Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide

Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices in India
Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices in India

Strategy Analytics also project the penetration of Flash Lite 3 across the install base. In the above image you can see the decline of Flash Lite 1.1 devices and Flash Lite 2.x and 3.x increasing globally but yes as in case of India Flash lite 1.1 devices are increasing a bit :).

I must say that Strategy Analytics and Adobe shown a very clear and sharp data for Flash lite developers.
Thanks Mark for sharing this important data with us.

Download pdf here