Spotify mobile music application: experience it!

Spotify mobile music application

Have a look to this popular Spotify music application which attracts me for various reasons like unified user experience on multiple mobile platforms and clean User Interface. See how easy it is to access your favorite music on Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iphone and other mobile phones powered by TAT.

“Spotify offers you legal and free access to a huge library of music. All you need to do is create an account and download our streaming music player.” I also like this little spotify concept animation video which you can see above is simply amazing 🙂

Few important things to consider when you design an User Interface for mobile device

  • Scale your app across multiple platforms
  • Deliver an attractive unified user experience.
  • Efficiently handle different screen sizes and form factors
  • Fast and easy navigation


Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.1 and AIR on Mobile Devices

At Mobile World Congress, Adobe officially announced Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR for Android. I think and believe these technologies will redefine the mobile experience. Kevin Hoyt recorded a great video overview showing some demos on the Motorola Droid, which you can see. Creating seamless experience for across devices and reusing the same code is a big challenge but now with Adobe Air developers can bit relax.

“These technologies, combined with Flash CS5, will revolutionize how developers create mobile applications. It will be easy to create a single application and deploy it to the iPhone and also to other devices via Adobe AIR. You can also use the same code and assets to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1. Google has made a great choice partnering with Adobe and I believe consumers will benefit by being able to choose whatever type of content they want to view. ”

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Adobe and HTC Bring Flash Platform to Android

HTC hero

Adobe and HTC, a global designer of mobile phones, today announced that the new HTC Hero is the first Android phone to ship with support for Adobe Flash Platform technology. The new phone delivers a more complete Web browsing experience and provides access to a broad variety of Flash technology based content available on the Web today.

“As the first Android device with Flash, the new HTC Hero represents a key milestone for Android and the Flash Platform. With close to 80 percent of all videos online delivered with Adobe Flash technology, consumers want to access rich Web content on-the-go.” said David Wadhwani, vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit at Adobe.

“The collaboration with HTC offers people a more complete Flash based Web browsing experience today and presents an important step towards full Web browsing with Flash Player 10 on mobile phones in the future.”

Apple iPhone is still missing Flash Player and wish to have it soon.

Watch the video here.