Exploring the physical web

Today’s ‘smart devices’ are a product of the technology and mental models of our past. From a connected lightbulb to a robot vacuum, using most of these devices requires a native app. This in turn greatly limits their contexts of use. Can we really expect users to download an app to interact with a random ’thing’ they encounter at the mall, a space they explore for an hour at the museum, or a city they will only visit for a day? What devices could we build, what ‘smart’ environments could we enable if users could simply discover, “walk up and use”(and then if needed, abandon) these objects and environments as they do a web site?

Go through the above slide to explore some of the exciting possibilities of the Physical Web by Stephanie Rieger

Outside: a new weather apps for mobile, executed beautiful user interface

iphone weather apps

iphone weather apps

Tons of weather app out there and if you like to get notice you definitely need to design with the fresh approach with beautiful User Interface.
Outside is just beautiful in terms of impeccable attention in visual design as well as interaction design. When i saw first time there video have one words, wow! I really love this 🙂

Their human-centric approach manifests itself mostly in the importance they place on user-defined notifications based on certain conditions. What’s so wonderful about this is that this is the kind of stuff that you really care about 90% of the time – weather changes that will affect your behavior. via everydayux