Adobe Releases Distributable Flash Lite 3.1 Player



Adobe released the most excited stuff for Adobe Flash Lite developer “redistributable version of the Flash Lite 3.1 player along with the packager tool”. You really don’t need to worry about whether someone has the player, and being helpless to get them it if they haven’t. 🙂

The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Adobe® Flash Lite™ and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones, providing a better on-device user experience.

Currently this solution is available only in few selected cities like India, Italy, Spain, UK, and the U.S. can easily download applications. (additional countries will be added over time.) After downloading an application, consumers see its user-friendly icon in the device menu.

I am excited to do few testing on my Nokia 5320 Xpress music, we all should be proud that adobe made this available for India 😀 .

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Qualcomm and Adobe Flash Collaborate to Empower Developer Ecosystems With BREW Mobile Platform


Qualcomm and Adobe announced the BREW® Mobile Platform with integrated Adobe Flash® technology and new platform features. BREW Mobile Platform, which leverages Qualcomm’s widely deployed BREW Client software, greatly expands the capabilities for developers and enables them to create rich applications and Web content in Adobe Flash for the BREW environment. The software will fully integrate and deliver Adobe Flash technology to mass market handset devices. By combining the strengths of both BREW and Flash technologies, BREW Mobile Platform brings the mobile application and Web content development communities together, setting a new standard for mass market handset platforms.

The differences between the Flash Lite extension model and the BREW Mobile Platform are:

  • Adobe Flash technology will be directly integrated into the platform, meaning no per/device per/carrier certification will be required
  • BREW developers will be able to use existing native BREW API interfaces directly with Flash via ActionScript – so Flash can become the presentation layer
  • The BREW Mobile Platform will be shipping on all mass market BREW handsets worldwide – for all BREW carriers

Great News and increasing wide areas for Adobe Flashlite developers 🙂

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