Ecosystems Have Changed Our Roles and the Way We Work

For me, there are a few well made points:

  • Journeys drive strategy; personas aren’t enough
  • “Mono-messages” are no longer useful in ecosystems; marketing and UX have to co-exist
  • Ecosystems are pushing us to reinvent the way we work together, literally
  • Designing for experiences within an ecosystem requires a deep understanding of data. Data are the new pixels – they are the cell units of ecosystem design. Algorithms are the new rules of style and composition

by Cindy Chastain

Designing distributed Multi-Device experiences

Designing distributed Multi-Device experiences

“Devices have outgrown one-size-fits-all design. Experiences must be selectively adapted only where they are relevant, and flow together across a series of devices and contexts. In a multi-device world, continuity is the new consistency.”

Punchcut has published an article and few set of guidelines for the design of distributed / multi-device experiences:

1. Understand the digital ecosystem, its organisms and relationships
2. Focus on distribution, not duplication
3. Adapt experience touch-points to each context
4. Embrace the concept of services, not applications
5. Establish frameworks to provide flexibility
6. Take the time to get the details right
7. Seek to evolve and enhance relationships

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You can also watch the above video “One Size Does Not Fit All” which talks about methods for uncovering the unique opportunities that emerge when designing for convergence.


New experiences in digital magazines on Apple ipad

A recent presentation from Adobe Max 2010 to know how Adobe’s Digital Publishing Platform is creating some new experiences in digital magazine on apple ipad

“They describe the process of working with WIRED magazine to design a new user experience for digital magazines. Learn how content informed the interface decisions, how WIRED is making use of the new possibilities for interactivity”

Another example from Condé Nast magazine which is also interesting and have similar pattern.

If you are interested in process how Adobe in Design can help you achieving this. Watch the above video. i would like to experiment with this and will share some examples.


Chunghwa Telecom launches Channel Me, powered by Adobe Flash Cast.

Chunghwa Telecom-Flash Cast service

Via Mark Doherty,  Yesterday in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom launched their new Channel Me service, powered by Flash Cast. The service launches with some fantastic looking channels, some of which you can play with, see here (press the yellow button). Channels include news, weather, sports, travel, dining out amongst others. The channels look fantastic and really fit the vision of rich and engaging experiences.

The service is supported on Series 60 and Windows Mobile devices from the launch include the stunning HTC Diamond.