Massimo Vignelli “Design Is One”

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The investigative design process moves from the inside out: “The correct shape is the shape of the object’s meaning.” The Vignelli commitment to the correctness of a design has taken their work beyond the mechanical exercise of devising a form best suited to a given function. They’ve always understood that design itself, in the abstract, could and should be an integral part of function. More than a process and a result, design—good design—is an imperative. “Everything has its own order,” they’ve said. “You can’t take a piece of music and scramble the notes. You can’t take a piece of writing and scramble the words. You can’t take a space and scramble the chairs around.”

Beautiful thoughts by Massimo Vignelli

Let’s Inspired by Nokia Design Gallery

nokia design gallery

Good sources of inspiration is an essential part of the creative process. Let’s discover what other mobile designers have done to create delightful user experiences by exploring the Forum Nokia Design Gallery.

And think again “how good design can help you create successful mobile products!” The effectiveness of design matters a lot for creating a good user experiences.