Precious moments

Sometimes in the race of life we often forget beautiful moments around us, we need to live and enjoy everyday you do or love to do.


Sweet little “Flori” out of the i2fly studio: with Flash lite Screensaver and Wallpaper :)

Sweet little โ€œFloriโ€ out of the i2fly studio

Sweet little โ€œFloriโ€ out of the i2fly studio

Have a look to my new character design straight out of the i2fly studio, She is playing around my creative studio for quite a few months so I thought to release it and show the world.
I name this character as “FLORI” I really love this character very much. Flori is sweet, cute, innocent and naughty too ๐Ÿ˜€ .

You can use “FLORI” as a screensaver/wallpaper in your mobile phones, it looks just beautiful, i really love it. And I am sure you will love too ๐Ÿ™‚

Download this content to your mobile phone here.

Flori as an character is also available for license worldwide, kindly get in touch with me at

As usual love to know your feelings. Feel free to post your comments/suggestions/views anything. Curious to know about it.