Nokia’s London design event: listen podcast from the UI design team

nokia london design event

Just found this podcast via core 77 of Nokia’s recent London design event which offering a curtainpeek at their design process, ethnographic wanderings, sustainability initiatives, and plans for the future. Nokia has over 300 designers worldwide, and ships over 1.2 million products everyday. So it’s really keen to know what their designers intake for their creative food 😀

Listen now(31min.) | iTunes


The Way We Live Next -Nokia’s new podcast series on the future of mobility by Bob Iannucci.


Nokia’s new Chief Technology Officer Bob Iannucci shares his thoughts on the future of mobility in the latest in ‘The Way We Live Next’ series of podcasts about the mobile future.

“What I really want Nokia to be known for in the coming years is the center of open innovation for mobility. I want people to think of Nokia as the preferred partner for creating great things that add consumer value and delight, and help build up not only Nokia but the companies who participate with us to the next wave of mobility”, says Bob Iannucci. Listen to the podcast.

In “The Way We Live Next” series of technology podcasts Nokia’s experts discuss their visions of what the future might bring in mobile communications and technologies.

Can a mobile be emotional !!