Electrolux Design Lab 2011, concept of intelligent mobility within home appliances

Electrolux design lab 2011 finalist have some cool interesting concept for Intelligent mobility within home appliances. Check out the video below to see the highlights from the final:

Adrian Makovecký was selected as the winner of Electrolux Design Lab 2011.

Click here to see all Electrolux Design Lab 2011 presentations.

“I believe the importance of our sensory perception is underestimated in a lot of today’s design. Too much importance is accorded to the visual. What if we could incorporate our other senses into design? Could we smell who’s calling? Or feel what’s on TV?” says Henrik Otto SVP of Global Design at Electrolux.

good article on “Industry trends in prototyping”

trends in prototyping

trends in prototyping

A nice article by Dave Cronin on “Industry trends in prototyping” and work around in different scenarios.

There are various reasons for creating prototypes.

  • Prototypes make your designs better
  • Prototypes facilitate communication
  • Prototypes enable user input and usability assessment
  • Prototypes help assess technical feasibility and reduce development time

“Call it serendipity or even luck, but once you start drawing or making things, you open up new possibilities of discovery.”