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Pixel Proliferation: A Toolset For Managing Screen Resolutions

Change is a constant. The device landscape for which we design is always changing and the device types are always proliferating. And with the increasing demand for unique mid-screen devices, it is becoming an even more arduous task to keep things straight.

Few Design Considerations:

  • Every device is unique.
  • Build for a human scale.
  • Test your design on the target device.

Via Punchcut, download the toolset & reference chart.

Designing distributed Multi-Device experiences

Designing distributed Multi-Device experiences

“Devices have outgrown one-size-fits-all design. Experiences must be selectively adapted only where they are relevant, and flow together across a series of devices and contexts. In a multi-device world, continuity is the new consistency.”

Punchcut has published an article and few set of guidelines for the design of distributed / multi-device experiences:

1. Understand the digital ecosystem, its organisms and relationships
2. Focus on distribution, not duplication
3. Adapt experience touch-points to each context
4. Embrace the concept of services, not applications
5. Establish frameworks to provide flexibility
6. Take the time to get the details right
7. Seek to evolve and enhance relationships

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You can also watch the above video “One Size Does Not Fit All” which talks about methods for uncovering the unique opportunities that emerge when designing for convergence.


Design Considerations for Touch UI – Visualized

Designers at Punchcut prepared this video to illustrate the thinking about touch UI design. Designing for touch-based mobile user interfaces requires new thinking and an expanded design vocabulary. I am really excited and have copuple of plans for experiments with touch UI which i will update here soon. ­čÖé

Some important snippets are:

  • Design for immediate access
  • Keep gestures smart and simple
  • Leverage clear mental models
  • Design for real hand sizes
  • Touch feedback is key