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SignEasy – featured in the AppStore as “Best New Apps”

Signeasy featured in apple

One of my recent Mobile design work “SignEasy” for iOS 7 is being featured as “Best New Apps” on Apple.

Download SignEasy for iPhone

I am excited and love to know your feedback.

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

Kirby Ferguson released Everything Is A Remix: iPhone case study. It’s extremely interesting to see how we get influence from real world objects. Our interfaces these days shifting away from “skeumorphism” to Minimal design approach.


Discovery+Usability – Two great tastes that taste great together

Redesigning Google: a beautiful revolution

“Do it a lot, iterate a lot, look at everything”

“The Design is not just about making things more useful it’s not just about making things more beautiful is about really figuring out what is the right thing to make and how to make it right.”
– via the verge

Ecosystems Have Changed Our Roles and the Way We Work

For me, there are a few well made points:

  • Journeys drive strategy; personas aren’t enough
  • “Mono-messages” are no longer useful in ecosystems; marketing and UX have to co-exist
  • Ecosystems are pushing us to reinvent the way we work together, literally
  • Designing for experiences within an ecosystem requires a deep understanding of data. Data are the new pixels – they are the cell units of ecosystem design. Algorithms are the new rules of style and composition

by Cindy Chastain

Making Of Samsung Galaxy S III Design Identity

Inspiring design identity story behind Samsung Galaxy S III design.

Google Now is Beautifully Crafted

Google Now is just beautifully crafted “minimal designed” and getting enough aspects of strong mobile design.

Mobile Prototyping Essentials

This presentation by Rachel Hinman is loaded with lots of insight thought on Mobile Prototyping essentials.

It’s about people, not devices

We live in exciting times. Times of innovation, invention, and rapid change. Technologies that were unthinkable years ago are now commonplace. Close to 1.5 billion people worldwide use a computer, but that figure pales in comparison to the 4.2 billion (75% of the planet) who use or have access to a mobile phone.

Presentation by yiibu, download here Via UXbooth

Future of Screen Technology – Experience video

An “experience video”, that shows how a normal day would be in a couple of years when technologies are affordable enough to be used everywhere. This video is the result of the experiment with Tat open innovation.

You can read more about this experiment here.

I like this, it’s Interesting UI, looks simple & clean.


The Future of Communication: Microsoft Future Vision Montage 2019

Wow watch this above video it’s inspiring, beautiful and you will know “what we can do with the other senses and sensors”
See how future of communication is changing!! How will emerging technology improve our productivity in the years ahead? What opportunities will arise from evolving trends and global change?

I love the simplicity of User Interface and how its represented, truly.
Think about it. What you can do :)


Design Considerations for Touch UI – Visualized

Designers at Punchcut prepared this video to illustrate the thinking about touch UI design. Designing for touch-based mobile user interfaces requires new thinking and an expanded design vocabulary. I am really excited and have copuple of plans for experiments with touch UI which i will update here soon. :)

Some important snippets are:

  • Design for immediate access
  • Keep gestures smart and simple
  • Leverage clear mental models
  • Design for real hand sizes
  • Touch feedback is key


Watch video: LG KP500 “Cookie” Adobe Mobile Client with active flash lite UI

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/1W7hz3DB11k” height=”372″ width=”460″ menu=”false” /]

LG released a cool sporty phone with beautiful user interface using Adobe Mobile Client “a flash lite technology, especially used for User interface and only available for an OEM or targeting BREW MP.

The user interface is very intuitive that users will want to explore and master all of the functions and features of the LG-KP500. The UI allows users to access menus easily and shift around other menus simply and quickly with just one touch.

very cool


Flash Lite Developer Guides for LG Phones V.1.1

LG_flash lite UI

Via Carlos, LG released Adobe Flash Lite Developer Guides for LG Phones.

“This Guide is intended to make it easier for developers to create Adobe® Flash® Lite™ applications for LG mobile phones equipped with Flash Lite. The Guide provides Flash Lite 2.0 and 3.0 supported LG phone features, and tips on how to optimize Flash Lite applications.”

Download here


Adobe Success Story: LG Electronics Flash Lite Case Study

 LG Electronics Flash Lite Case Study

Via Bill, Adobe published about LG Electronics and the success they’ve had by using Flash Lite for the UI of their phones, including touch screen phones such as the PRADA.

The tight integration between Flash CS3 Professional and Flash Lite enabled the LG Electronics mobile phone team to completely overhaul the phone’s menu structure, improve navigation efficiency, add functionality, and design an array of icons unique to the touch interface. Working in a seamless environment, the team rapidly prototyped concepts and increased their productivity. According to Hosang Cheon, Chief research engineer, LG Electronics, “I estimate our team accelerated the PRADA phone time to market by 30% to 40% thanks to the improvements in the newest versions of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and Adobe Flash Lite.”

Creating smart and usable UI for mobile devices with emotional appeal is a designers big challenge :) but design always passionate me to create something different.


Nokia 5th edition with New device API for Flash lite :)

nokia 5800 xpress music

Finally something must to be excited about for Flash lite developer, Nokia released new Device API support for Nokia S60 5th Edition where it can access to Phone features.

Developers of Flash Lite from Adobe applications benefit from the UI enhancements in S60 5th Edition, with more screen real estate and touch interaction enabling users to more easily and intuitively navigate Flash Lite content and applications. The on-screen keyboard also is available for text and data entry.
S60 5th Edition continues to support Flash Lite 3.0, with the addition of ActionScript extensions to take advantage of S60 Platform Services.

These extensions provide access to:

  • The application manager.
  • Calendar records.
  • Contacts records.
  • Log information.
  • SMS and MMS messaging.
  • The media gallery.
  • Device location.
  • Landmarks.
  • System information.
  • Sensors.

These new APIs enable Flash Lite developers to access device-application data, such as that held in Calendar and Contacts, as well as information on a device’s location.
Together, the UI- and platform-access enhancements enable Flash Lite developers to create a completely new breed of context-aware applications and services that provide users with information unique to their own experiences.

First device with S60 5th Edition is Nokia 5800 Xpress Music