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  1. Hai,

    I Know about animation and fees structure and Timings of centre for all course. please send as soon as possible.

    thanking You,


  2. Hi,

    I am interested in website development. I am very good in Adobe Photoshop. I like to learn Flash. Can you please tell me the duration and fees structure for learning Macromedia Flash.

    Thanking you,

    Shibin Jacob

  3. hi sir
    i am interested in animation course so sir please give me the information about your instuite & i have heard about u’r instuite.
    so sir please give information…what are the required qulification for the coure and i want to learn Maya

  4. We are an organisation that has been regsitered in the northeast since the year 2000 and one of the activities has been to support northeast craft. Our clothes are sold through FAB India and at other retail stores under the brand aagor (designs in Bodo).

    We are about to start a retail handicraft store in Bangalore Indra Nagar and wish to call it ANTS – we were oblivious of your presence until recently and knew only about ANTZ – woudl you mind it? We are quite well known in NGO circles in Bangalore and Delhi too and the publicity coudl help in cross referencing also. Do let us know as i will be travelling to Bangalore on the 24th October for a week to finalise details.

    Also, more importantly, woudl you be able to design a logo and mascot of the ant for us that lloks friendly, cherubic like the Walt Disney characters. Shall be grateful if you could let us know the charges etc and contact Smitha or Pradeep in Bangalore at 09980828846 / 09845469420. We are ANT freaks ourselves and would like to have a corner dedicated to ants also.


    sunil kail

  5. hi!!!!!!! m very much interested in doing animation wit ANTS. so plz tel me course duration and fee stucture 4 Advanced Certificate Program in 2D & 3D Animation. i’ll wait 4 ur reply. my no. is 9916754626

  6. Hi,

    I am very much interested in doing animation with ANTS.Can you please tell me the duration and fees structure and what are the required qulifications for learning MAYA.please send as soon as possible.waiting for ur reply.

    Thanking you,


  7. hi i am interested in doing animation with ants.would you please provide me with the information regarding the duration of the course and the fee structure.what are the qualifications required for the course. is basic computer knowledge sufficient to apply for the course.please send the information as soon as possible


  8. hiiii i am Manish interested in doing animation With ants. Kindly Provide me the informtion regarding the duration of the course and the fee structure.sir my no is 9966698372

  9. Hi. I want to know the duration and fee structure of 2D and 3D animation courses in Bangalore and Hubali branches. Please send me quickly….

  10. Hi
    I want to know the fee structure for 2D and 3D anmation at ants and wats the duration of the course

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