Indimad: my Presentation slides online “simple and useful templates for creating Flash Lite wallpapers and mobile personalization”


First meeting of Indiamad group which happens on Saturday Nov. 17 2007. I was quite excited to see Flash liters honestly that where are they and what kind of things or experiments they are doing it.

It’s great meeting with all of them and everything goes smoothly and i must say its first but good meet we all discuss on flash lite and India scenes and kind of challenges in Indian community and technical’s issues of developers.

The people who attended are Debashish Paul, Hemanth Sharma, Kalyana, Sunil Kamat, Raghuram, Swami Charan, Krishna raj, Mariam Dholkawala, vivek(myself). Thanks Raghu for arranging this meet-ups.

I setup a flickr account Join us here, this group is especially for Indian Flash lite community.

I presented on “Using a simple and useful templates for creating Flash Lite wallpapers and mobile personalization”. Mariam on Flash Lite Gaming – Statistics, Markets and opportunities.

Download presentation 1
Download presentation 2

you can download my presentation from above link. and it will be great to know your comments and feedbacks.



My first article published on Adobe Devnet on “Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper”

Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper 

My first article published on Adobe Devnet (Mobile & Devices Developer Center) on “Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper” In this article you will see how you can use this template, which provides you an additional visual view in Adobe device central to see how your wallpaper looks in actual Flash Lite-enabled phones. It save time in your development workflow.

I write about this earlier (older version) and love to see this as future feature in Adobe Device Central for other devices too so that developer can make the production process faster and easier.

Feel free to post your comments/suggestions anything.  🙂

Read article here



Simple yet very useful template while creating Flash lite wallpaper

When ever I create wallpaper I always have to test that how it looks in my cel phone as you can see below
Image 1: when you export in Flash Lite Mobile Emulator.
Image 2: Same Flash lite content as it looks in cel phone.

Image1 flash lite wallpaper template

flash lite wallpaper as in my cel phone

While creating Flash lite wallpaper we still feel sometime that graphics is overlapping or disturbing user interface.
It’s good to consider always about onscreen elements and “screen clutter”. “Might the wallpaper background interfere with the user interface on the phone as Scott too mention in Flash applications for Mobile devices book.”

So again we have to come back to flash authoring and change design elements then test again in cel phone.

Off course testing is very important while developing mobile contents but
this small template can save a bit of time of designers/developers.

That’s what how this small idea originate in my mind 🙂 .

How to use this template:

  1. Open s40_template.fla (download below)
  2. In layer 2, you can see a basic UI of cel phone. (here I use some default icons which are commonly seen …like network, battery, Bluetooth, alarm, time and bottom menu etc.)­­
  3. Layer 3 is for your content, where you can play with your creative ideas.
  4. Publish it (now you can see and analyze how your wallpaper going to look in cel phone.

See the difference in Flash lite emulator:

Earlier without template-  see image 1
Now with template- See image 3,  its easy, now developer can see how content looks in cel phone.  

Image3 flash lite wallpaper template

  1. And finally when testing your content to cel phone just change the properties of layer 2 (UI icon) as guide (click here to follow steps) then export it again.

Download here
For series 40: display resolutions 240 x 320 (width x height) pixels.
For series 60: updating soon.

Looking for your feedback what you feel about this small template.
Kindly feel free to post your comments and suggestion.