MAX Award winners QNX Video, the interface is based on Flash Lite 3.1

Via Mark, The LTE Connected Car is a platform for in-car entertainment, navigation, management and services. At MAX 2009 QNX won the mobile and devices award because of their excellence in working with the Flash Platform. Working with the geniuses at Alcatel Lucent QNX have enabled LTE connectivity (read: 4G) into the car to prep for a future of wireless networking at 100x the bandwidth of 3G (100Mbps in theory).
The platform interface is based on Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 running on the RTOS QNX platform with all manner of extensions for GPS, Bluetooth, video playback and even integration into the dashboard.

I hope people will have an awesome experience in the car with new interface design and your car will be always connected 😀

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Thanks Mark.


Intel set-top box running Flash Lite 3.1

Via Serge Jespers, Intel’s Developer Forum Engadget recorded a demo of an Intel (an Open Screen Project partner) based set-top box running a Flash based user interface and Flash based applications. The heart of this set-top box is Intel’s CE 3100 Media Processor which according to Engadget “combines an 800MHz Pentium M core with a proprietary video processing core all on one chip. That’s about as much power as a 1.2GHz Atom”.

The video demonstrates the Flash UI on top of a Linux operating system. It shows how you can add Flash based applications on top of a video signal coming from the tuner and run full screen Flash based applications. The future is bright for the Flash Platform! Flash on!

Looks like an early stage development, and lot of work is required in User interface to make them smart!!.


Gigabytes S1200: the Flash Lite User Interface

Gigabyte Communications released new smartphone “S1200” which uses Flash Lite for user interface. The phone uses windows mobile OS. To be honest Interface looks good without doubt but i feel there is wow factor is missing.

What you think about it? What can be a new touch interaction? How a phone can be more emotionally designed and defined for fresh thinking!!.


Watch video: LG KP500 “Cookie” Adobe Mobile Client with active flash lite UI

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”372″ width=”460″ menu=”false” /]

LG released a cool sporty phone with beautiful user interface using Adobe Mobile Client “a flash lite technology, especially used for User interface and only available for an OEM or targeting BREW MP.

The user interface is very intuitive that users will want to explore and master all of the functions and features of the LG-KP500. The UI allows users to access menus easily and shift around other menus simply and quickly with just one touch.

very cool



i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

We (i2fly) are back again with our refreshing mobile content for this beautiful Christmas and new year ahead. And we thought it’s a great time to impress with these little contents. You can impress others and make feel great to yourself & your mobile too.

So let’s begin & decorate your mobile phones with all new creative and cute Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers. We (i2fly) released a whole new range of mobile contents for Christmas, New Year and holiday seasons to make your moments more beautiful and personalized.

It’s too simple to download them, just choose the respective below link and download.

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

1.Rudolph in the snow 2.Cute snowy santa 3. Beautiful tree 4.frosty the snowman 5.Dazzling reindeer clock

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

6.Sparkling snow day 7.lovely xmastree 8.Snow in forest 9.Christmas clock 10.Winters snowy night 11.Rudolph in the snow

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

12.Love n christmas 13.Mountainscape

i2fly released refreshing season’s best Flash lite mobile wallpaper and screensavers.

14.Wish star 15.Christmas snow charger

As usual love to know your comments/suggestions, please feel free to post here or write me. And if you like to see some beautiful ideas which you have it in your mind, mail us we will love to know and craft especially for your phones to see more happy and smiling faces. 🙂

We are also looking for association to distribute our mobile contents world wide, mail us ( if you have any kinda requirements.

Stay tuned. . we are in process for something more  Yes! more 😀

It’s Christmas time !!!


Adobe Success Story: LG Electronics Flash Lite Case Study

 LG Electronics Flash Lite Case Study

Via Bill, Adobe published about LG Electronics and the success they’ve had by using Flash Lite for the UI of their phones, including touch screen phones such as the PRADA.

The tight integration between Flash CS3 Professional and Flash Lite enabled the LG Electronics mobile phone team to completely overhaul the phone’s menu structure, improve navigation efficiency, add functionality, and design an array of icons unique to the touch interface. Working in a seamless environment, the team rapidly prototyped concepts and increased their productivity. According to Hosang Cheon, Chief research engineer, LG Electronics, “I estimate our team accelerated the PRADA phone time to market by 30% to 40% thanks to the improvements in the newest versions of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and Adobe Flash Lite.”

Creating smart and usable UI for mobile devices with emotional appeal is a designers big challenge 🙂 but design always passionate me to create something different.



Adobe Launches Flash Home and Flash Cast 2 at Mobile World Congress

Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3

Adobe today announced that major content providers, including MTV Networks, the Nasdaq Stock Market, eBay, Reuters, Dolce & Gabbana and others are using the company’s Flash Player compatible mobile products and solutions to extend their brands to the handheld market. Leading companies are adopting Adobe® Flash® Home, a new mobile application for rich, dynamic home screens, and Adobe Flash® Cast™ 2 technology, the next generation offline portal solution, to deliver high-impact user experiences and provide instant access to data services.

The new Adobe Flash Home application combines customizable data-enabled wallpapers and home screens with live data services to provide users with more personalized mobile experiences.
Flash Cast 2 delivers rich, easy-to-use data services through mobile applications such as news, sports or entertainment channels.Licensed by operators like NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless and Chunghwa Telecom, Flash Cast offers operators the ability to tailor mobile experiences based on subscriber’s profiles and device capabilities while reaching high volume, mass-market handsets.

I must say this is what i was waiting for to design more engaging experiences for Mobile and devices. Great news!! 🙂

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Nokia’s new S60 touchscreen phones support Flash lite 3

Nokia’s new S60 touchscreen phones 

Expanding the platform with intuitive touch user interface, sensor technologies and complete web video experience, Nokia’s new S60 phones are enabled with Adobe Flash lite 3.
The touch user interface in S60 smartphone software offers licensees the opportunity to develop devices with a variety of input methods, whether it is a touch screen with a traditional keypad, touch screen with a qwerty keyboard or touch screen alone, supporting both finger or stylus optimized input, in addition to the range of access options that already exist today.
S60 will be the first mobile software platform to deliver the complete Web video experience as Flash Video will be integrated with the Web Browser for S60. This allows people to view on the go Flash-enabled Web sites and Flash Video, such as YouTube, as they would do on their desktops.

User interface just looks great, I say a mobile phone meant for life style, passion and something more 🙂

See video here


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Japan’s First time automatic picture Map conversion in Flash Lite

 FlashLite in japan, map

The popular version of Japanese portal “mobile goo” announced a free 3 months trial from 2007 July 18th to test new UI using Flash lite “Empowered by Euretechnos” image automatic conversion technology. It enables user to access exisiting maps conversion into Flash lite format that allows user to zoom in/out and scroll up/down. Goo claims to be the first to implement such technologies. This service works on 3G handsets with Flash lite 1.1

Seems cool!! It will be great if someone can post some comments & live screenshots.

Sources IT media


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Iriver’s B20 another cool device with Adobe Flash lite 2.1

iriver B20

iriver B20 Flashlite UI

Iriver announced: release date”April 25″ of B20 (newest version of the B10 or Pocket TV) an another cool device which supports Adobe Flash lite 2.1

The B20 is very similar to Clix2 which supports digital audio Player with multiple functions such as DMB/DAB (TV/Radio) thanks to a 2.4 inches screen (TFT LCD262K Colour, 320×240), images, other audio and video possibilities with the SD port and Flash lite games, Flashlite User create interface(flash UCI)  🙂
Not sure about the support of flash video? but it will be great if it support 🙂 If any one have infos about video support, kindly post your comments here.
Iriver B20 will soon be available in France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and others (7 countries).


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Amp’d reinvents Motorola Q with a Flash Lite UI

motorola Q 

Via Mariam “Youth-oriented mobile carrier Amp’d got their first smartphone today in the Motorola Q – but this isn’t quite the Q you know from Verizon and Sprint. Amp’d has completely redone the user interface in Adobe’s Flash Lite, into an animated carnival of … well, it looks a lot like Amp’d’s animated Amp’d Live interface on their other phones. The Q also plays Amp’d TV and all of Amp’d’s content – a real breath of fresh air compared to other carriers who don’t have versions of their popular entertainment apps for smartphones. And it’s still a Q, which means that you can send e-mail, sync with your PC, and maybe even get some work done.”

Amp’d’s Q will sell for $199 sometime in April. Get it at

Its really great to see Flash lite UI everywhere as designers can play a lot and create more interactive experiences.



LG’s Prada wins prestigious European design award: FLash lite UI

red dot award

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”329″ width=”400″ menu=”false” /]

The PRADA Phone by LG (LG-KE850), the world’s first full touch screen interfacephone and winner of red dot’s ‘Best of the Best’ award was co-developed by mobile communications leader LG Electronics and famed design house PRADA. The unique handset is the perfect balance between LG’s leading mobile communications technology and PRADA’s unsurpassed design capabilities.

This phone uses Flash lite for the entire UI, including the phone dialer and other applications. its really cool.

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