Creativity charged :) i2fly new website for Flash lite development

i2fly website

i2fly website

i2fly website

Hi to all, check out our new website www.i2fly.com and its new identity “colourful logo” 🙂
Finally i decided to make it live, hope you may all like our website, designs and Flash lite content.
It will be really nice to hear from you, your feedback/ suggestions anything …feel free to write me or post here.

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  1. Wow, my CONGRATULATIONS Vivek!!!! Looks really cool 🙂
    very nice web site, and flash lite content on it off course!

    P.S: Sound is authome!

  2. Hi!

    Nice website but the keyboard navigation didnt work for me 🙁
    Windows Vista
    Flash Player 9.0.45

  3. Hi ^^
    I love the intro motion of your site ^.^
    and products menu is good..
    phone and U10 contents & UI

    have a good day ^.^

    and good job ^.^

    form aria [Eung Kim]

  4. Very slick design, Vivek. Solid choice of styling. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.



  5. The new site looks very nice! Very responsive without a lot of loading time even though it is all Flash. I like the sample content display as well. Only issues are with the access keys, which didn’t work for me (the “interact with your keyboard” bit).

    Overall very cool and clean. Can’t wait to see more Flash Lite contents…

  6. i think your website looks awesome and i love your blog! you guys got it all dialed in. all the very best of luck! keep up the innovations! best, anina.net

  7. Comments as from Anina 🙂 great to see you here.
    Wow your site is very very cute. Some of the icons at the bottom in the games don’t change the game, but I really like it. the music is a big cheesy but that’s cuz of your cute nature!!!!! I even think the name i2fly is great!

    I like the sakura stuff. It’s pretty.


  8. Vivek – love the logo, love the look and feel all around – really nice job! Best of luck – you will do well.


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