Chunghwa Telecom launches Channel Me, powered by Adobe Flash Cast.

Chunghwa Telecom-Flash Cast service

Via Mark Doherty,  Yesterday in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom launched their new Channel Me service, powered by Flash Cast. The service launches with some fantastic looking channels, some of which you can play with, see here (press the yellow button). Channels include news, weather, sports, travel, dining out amongst others. The channels look fantastic and really fit the vision of rich and engaging experiences.

The service is supported on Series 60 and Windows Mobile devices from the launch include the stunning HTC Diamond.


Flash Cast Channels on Verizon Wireless

 Flash Cast Channels on Verizon Wireless

Little posting late about this news but its a great news!! via Bill, Developers now can develop Flash Cast Channels for Dashboard on Verizon Wireless.

There is now more details available about Dashboard, the tools for creating and testing channel content and how to contact Verizon Wireless about getting started. Once a developer is accepted by Verizon Wireless to participate in the Dashboard program, they will then receive access to new tools, testing server, documentation, discussion forums and other information. The Dashboard be available around Mid 2008.

Some helpful links are:

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Adobe Launches Flash Home and Flash Cast 2 at Mobile World Congress

Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3

Adobe today announced that major content providers, including MTV Networks, the Nasdaq Stock Market, eBay, Reuters, Dolce & Gabbana and others are using the company’s Flash Player compatible mobile products and solutions to extend their brands to the handheld market. Leading companies are adopting Adobe® Flash® Home, a new mobile application for rich, dynamic home screens, and Adobe Flash® Cast™ 2 technology, the next generation offline portal solution, to deliver high-impact user experiences and provide instant access to data services.

The new Adobe Flash Home application combines customizable data-enabled wallpapers and home screens with live data services to provide users with more personalized mobile experiences.
Flash Cast 2 delivers rich, easy-to-use data services through mobile applications such as news, sports or entertainment channels.Licensed by operators like NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless and Chunghwa Telecom, Flash Cast offers operators the ability to tailor mobile experiences based on subscriber’s profiles and device capabilities while reaching high volume, mass-market handsets.

I must say this is what i was waiting for to design more engaging experiences for Mobile and devices. Great news!! 🙂

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Flash Media Server 3 will allow content producers to stream live video to Adobe Flash Lite 3

 Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3

Flash Media Server 3 will allow content producers to stream live video to Adobe Flash Lite 3, the version of the Flash for handheld devices that the company expects to be available by year’s end. 🙂

The performance is expected to be nearly twice as fast as the existing server, according to Adobe. Flash Media Server 3, which streams multimedia content, such as videos, will be faster and make it harder to copy streaming media. And to prevent copying of streamed content, Adobe is adding a new encryption protocol.

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Adobe Partners with Telnore, to Deliver FlashCast Services

Adobe-telenor tieups

Adobe Systems Incorporated, and Telenor, recently announced a partnership to deliver Adobe FlashCast in Sweden, at the 3GSM World Congress. Telenor will conduct the first trial in Europe, joining several operators testing the flexible client-server FlashCast solution.
According to the company, it not only enables pioneering, mobile network operators like Telenor to differentiate their brands in the fiercely competitive wireless market, it also helps to establish recurring revenue streams by increasing data adoption and usage. Similarly, it enables content developers and handset manufactures to create and deliver more dynamic applications.
Michael Bergman, New Business Executive at Telenor Sweden noted, ”FlashCast makes it easy for users to discover personalized content, from gathering news and traffic conditions to gambling or booking a round of golf. This is of growing importance to our subscribers as the market for mobile content services continues to intensify.”

Really cool news 🙂
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FlashCast beats dirt: Japanese mobile users may soon be warned of an earthquake in their area before it even strikes.

Adobe Flash Cast

Via JD, “Great news, for the tectonically-concerned in Tokyo… mobile providers DoCoMo and KDDI are cooperating on an earthquake notification system, which can transfer information from a plate shift to sensors to network to individuals faster than the shockwaves can penetrate the ground. So you will know of the earthquake before it arrives. They ‘re gradually hooking up individuals to remote sensors all around the world…(I’m not positive that they’re actually using the Adobe Flash Cast publishing service for this relay, but both DoCoMo and KDDI rely on the Flash Cast push services.”

Japan’s two biggest operators, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, said Wednesday they are jointly developing a system to notify customers of an imminent earthquake, while number three Softbank said it is separately working on a similar service.