New experiences in digital magazines on Apple ipad

A recent presentation from Adobe Max 2010 to know how Adobe’s Digital Publishing Platform is creating some new experiences in digital magazine on apple ipad

“They describe the process of working with WIRED magazine to design a new user experience for digital magazines. Learn how content informed the interface decisions, how WIRED is making use of the new possibilities for interactivity”

Another example from Condé Nast magazine which is also interesting and have similar pattern.

If you are interested in process how Adobe in Design can help you achieving this. Watch the above video. i would like to experiment with this and will share some examples.


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Flowella – AIR-based design tool for prototyping mobile apps


Flowella is a simple, AIR-based design tool that allows you to quickly create prototypes without writing a single line of code. If you are user experience designer or visual designer, this tool can help you. But since it’s from Nokia it supports Symbian devices right now (e.g. 5800, N97, etc). The program outputs Flash Lite or WRT for the interaction mockups.

“Flowella is an easy to use tool that enables designers and developers to create design prototypes — without writing a line of code.
Prototypes are built using images of screen mock-ups and defining links between the screens. This information is then used to create an Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 application or Web Runtime (WRT) widget. These applications can then be run on one of over seventy Nokia devices or in a simulator supplied with Flowella, enabling the application interaction to be assessed.

Key features

  • Create interactive prototypes in minutes using a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Compatible with computers running Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows computers.
  • Export prototypes to Adobe Flash Lite applications and Web Runtime widgets.
  • Prototype application compatible with over seventy compatible Nokia devices.
  • Ideal for testing of visual and interaction design.
  • Package content


Transforming the magazine experience with Flash Player 10.1 and adobe air on tablet device

At Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA showcases Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR on Tegra-powered tablet device. See a slick new digital magazine experience based on WIRED magazine, powered by Adobe AIR. This prototype runs across different device types with Adobe AIR and illustrates the possibilities for magazine publishers to reach readers in new ways.

“In addition, with this digital magazine concept, advertisers have new possibilities for displaying ad content. Advertisers can develop rich-media magazine “inserts” to provide expanded information to customers directly within the magazine experience — without directing the reader’s attention away to a Web site. Publishers can also offer expanded ad formats that include animation and embedded video. Finally, as is the case with most digital advertising, this new magazine concept opens the possibility for more precise advertising performance metrics beyond the comparatively crude audience measurement/ad engagement techniques in use today.”

Interesting!, i love the new digital magazine experience on tablet the way they shown it, simple and intuitive 🙂


Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.1 and AIR on Mobile Devices

At Mobile World Congress, Adobe officially announced Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR for Android. I think and believe these technologies will redefine the mobile experience. Kevin Hoyt recorded a great video overview showing some demos on the Motorola Droid, which you can see. Creating seamless experience for across devices and reusing the same code is a big challenge but now with Adobe Air developers can bit relax.

“These technologies, combined with Flash CS5, will revolutionize how developers create mobile applications. It will be easy to create a single application and deploy it to the iPhone and also to other devices via Adobe AIR. You can also use the same code and assets to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1. Google has made a great choice partnering with Adobe and I believe consumers will benefit by being able to choose whatever type of content they want to view. ”

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Watch Video: Flex for Mobile Devices

Via Biskero, Watch the Video from Max 2009 event, Flex for Mobile Devices 🙂

“The initial Slider framework will be optimized to run on high-end smartphones (phones with a processor speed of 400Mhz or more, 128MB of RAM), and will initially target standalone application environments such as Adobe AIR. This matches the category of devices targeted by Flash Player 10.”


Nokia releases Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40

Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40

Via Mariam, a great news for Flash Lite developers: Nokia releases the Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) packaging for S40 for 5th Ed1 FP1

  • Allowing launch of a swf file directly using it’s own icon (overriding the default Flash icon), from the Gallery.
  • Allow localization of the application name in the Gallery instead of the file name.
  • Allowing DRM protection.

“This document outlines a procedure and file format for distributing Flash Lite from Adobe content to Series 40 devices. The format is handled correctly by Nokia devices compatible with Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 or newer. The .NFL format offers developers the chance to package related resource files together and to launch content using an icon in the same way as “full” applications. This format improves both the publishing and user experience of Flash Lite content onto a wide range of Nokia devices.”

The Package format is based on the universally accepted ZIP archive format, with some requirements for mandatory content as well as file extension. I feel this is something really important as Flash lite developer needs an easiest way to package and distribute their content for mobile devices.

Bill perry shown the step by step how to create this package and its similarity in workflow with other Flash packager like AIR, Flex etc.


Accelerate your imagination: Adobe RIA Developer Summit, Bangalore

Adobe RIA Developer Summit, Bangalore

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. With the advent of web 2.0, Adobe’s RIA platform – powered by the ubiquitous Flash Player & Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) has become the technology of choice for delivering compelling user experiences across browsers, desktops and devices. From financial services to media & entertainment, leaders of the industry rely upon Adobe Flex to deliver next generation experiences, be it a consumer internet application or an enterprise application.

Adobe brings to you – RIA Developer Summit which is focused on developers. Adobe RIA Developer Summit offers a unique opportunity to designers and developers to gain insights into the design and development of RIAs.

Date:10-11 Sepetember, 2008
City: Bangalore
For Registration enquiries, contact:
Phone: +91 80 25219656
Fax: +91 80 25213656

Register here

Read Raghu post if you like to go for early discounts 🙂


Adobe Flash (And AIR) Phones Coming Soon From Ribbit

Ribbit’s flash phones

Great news for Flash developer that “Ribbit” which is about to publicly unleash an entire development platform for building Flash phones on December 13. Ribbit’s development platform is already in private beta and allows programmers to build Web phones that can make, receive, and record calls, send voice messages, and manage contacts. Ribbit runs the back-end VOIP service, and it supports applications built on both Adobe Flex and AIR.

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