Worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser

I am impressed with the new features and how augmented reality is taking place in our daily life, just not only for browsing information’s but also from trying new dresses to getting your new hair style done!, another very recently Google also released Google Goggles, a visual search app for Android phones. it’s just couple of examples but you can think of as many ideas you can!

Go through the above video examples of augmented reality in real time, you will see how it makes your life easy. 🙂

What you think about it?


HTC’s user-centric approach to the HD2’S AD campaign

I am impressed with the way they’ve approached this ad. Well i feel it does an excellent job supporting the gestalt of their You campaign. Showing the phone’s view of you is a really simple way of showing how a mobile device fits intimately into all the different aspects of your life.

“A mobile is a very personal object. You keep close to you at all times — whether in your bag or tucked into your pocket.” “It is more than just a piece of technology.”