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New Adobe eSeminar on Flash Lite Mobile Gaming, Device Central CS 4, Nokia Series 40

Adobe eSeminar on Flash Lite

Via adobe, three new seminars announced in during october and november on Flash Lite Mobile Gaming, Device Central CS 4, Nokia Series 40.

Mobile eSeminars

  • Adobe Device Central Creative Suite 4
    Speaker: Dale Rankine
    Wednesday 29 October 2008 2:00PM Australian EDT
  • Adobe Flash Lite Mobile Gaming
    Speaker: Dale Rankine
    Wednesday 12 November 2008 2:00PM Australian EDT
  • Adobe Flash Lite and Nokia Series 40
    Speaker: Dale Rankine
    Wednesday 26 November 2008 2:00PM Australian EDT

Register here.


Register for Mobile Sessions at MAX North America

MAX 2008

Via Bill, register for the mobile sessions at MAX North America (San Francisco), a lot of good sessions lined up with some of the best presenters. From Flash Lite development, to the new features of Device Central CS4 to using the CS4 tools for designing, development and testing of mobile Flash experiences – there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a quick listing of the mobile sessions, labs and a pre-event workshop:


Hands-on labs

Pre-event workshop


Adobe Device Central CS4 released with smart features

Adobe Device Central CS4 released with smart features

Adobe today announced the release of new Adobe Device Central CS4 with cool new smart features 🙂

Some of the main features are:

Dynamically updated online library of device profiles new
adobe device central cs4
Access the latest device profiles through the dynamically updated online device library, which contains more than 450 Adobe® Flash® Lite™ supported devices. Browse, search, and sort device profiles; directly compare multiple devices along several dimensions; and create custom sets of devices for quick project access.

High-quality video for communicating ideas
Pitch ideas to clients and executives more easily by recording and sending a high-quality movie clip of your content, all from your desktop.

Improved video support and integration
adobe device central cs4
Benefit from improved video integration through support for FLV emulation and recommended mobile export presets for Adobe Media Encoder. In addition, easily set up an Adobe After Effects® mobile project with device-specific compositions by selecting the target devices in Device Central.

Organization of work for mobile projects
adobe device central cs4
Adobe Device Central CS4
Manage and save all assets, target device profiles, and export options related to a mobile project in one central location.

Performance simulation and testing automationnew
adobe device central cs4
Save time by automating the testing of mobile content across device profiles. Throttle throughput and emulate the latency of various wireless networks to simulate the performance of your content for Flash Lite in real life. Record, save, edit, and share test sequences, including capturing snapshots at certain frames. You can then view the log to quickly and visually identify any problems with the content. Also rerun existing test scripts with the click of a button.

Easy upload of content to multiple locations new
Simplify project collaboration and content deployment on mobile phones by choosing one or more wizard-guided export services, such as Upload to FTP Server and Send to Bluetooth device, which you can save and then reapply with a single click. Create your own export services, or benefit from third-party plug-ins built using the Adobe Device Central Export Service software development kit (SDK).


Adobe Mobile Content Delivery Protocol released

Adobe Mobile Content Delivery Protocol

Via Biskero, Adobe published the Mobile Content Delivery Protocol.

The Mobile Content Delivery Protocol defines a mechanism for delivering applications (called channels) and synchronized data sets on which the applications operate (called feeds) to mobile devices. The protocol includes a control-flow mechanism for managing channel subscriptions and application preferences.
This protocol is implemented in the Adobe® Mobile Client and the Adobe® Mobile Server products. It can be used to serve applications and content to the Adobe Mobile Client or to develop a mobile client that can interact with the Adobe Mobile Server.

The protocol is bi-directional, with a client-initiated “pull” component operating over HTTP or HTTPS, and a server-initiated “push” component operating over SMS. The protocol is designed for lightweight content updates personalized according to end user preferences.

Download specification here.


SWF2Go v2.0 released

SWF2Go v2.0

SWF2Go Professional enables you to create rich, powerful and engaging Flash Lite applications rapidly by combining the power of Python for S60 and Net60. Making professional class deployment packages is now one-click operation with new redesigned and friendlier user interface.SWF2Go is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) friendly tool, allowing Flash Lite developers to deliver fast and on-time through simplified SIS packaging process.

Some of the key features are:

  • Easy to Use: The best and complete professional SIS installer and SWF launcher toolkit, now with new redesigned user interface.
  • Broad Compatibility: Support for all versions of Adobe Flash Lite Player (1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0+) and all versions of Symbian S60 3rd Edition (9.1, 9.2, 9.3+).
  • Industry Standard: Produces Symbian Signed and Express Signed compatible SIS installers. Used and trusted by industry leaders as well as many small startup companies.
  • Advance Extensions: With support of Python for S60 and Net60 (.Net CF) runtimes, make powerful Flash Lite applications. Use existing Open Source frameworks or make your own customized solutions.
  • Intelli-Launch Technology v2:
    – Python for S60 background script launcher
    – Net60 (.Net CF for Symbian) background process launcher
    – Support for custom installation paths, including /private folder for better protection of Flash Lite applications
    – Intelligent detection and start of SWF with the latest on-device Flash Lite playerInfo-note with URL to download Flash Lite from Adobe’s website, if Flash Lite is not detected on mobile device
    – Support to launch multiple Flash Lite applications simultaneously
  • Make Try-Before-Buy: Make trial version of applications with one click. Show a splash screen during trial, and optionally open Buy Now link at end of each trial run.
  • Additional Features:
    – Option to export PKG and SIS source for making customized SIS installer
    – Option to keep temporary SIS source files for making customized / advance SIS
    – Optionally display of readme and/or license agreement during SIS installation
    – Embed other SIS files into main SIS (Flash Lite Player / PyS60 / Net60)
    – Supports build automation by XML project files and command-line compiler option
    – Express-Compile technology helps rapidly build SIS file(s) in seconds
    – Integrates with Windows Explorer to quickly compile SWF2Go Project files with right-click context menu

I use personally SWF2Go and i feel easiest way to package and distribute my mobile contents quickly. 🙂


Xuinet Launches FlashR Developer Challenge in Search of Best in Class Mobile Flash Application

Xuinet is launching the competition to help encourage mobile Flash developers to get creative and slug it out for the chance to win over $10,000 in cash and prizes for the best mobile Flash creation.

The contest offers the opportunity to win a $5,000 grand prize, $2,500 first prize, and an added $500 bonus prize for the most downloads via the Xuinet community in the following categories:

  • Blogs, forums and social networks
  • Fun-n-games
  • Images/slide-shows
  • Sports
  • On-the-go-travel, weather, news, etc.

To participate, Flash developers simply download the SDK at www.xuinet.com, create their content and publish it to the Xuinet network to enter before November 3, 2008. Once published, developers can share with family, friends, and the entire community of Windows(tm) Mobile users. Further details on the FlashR Developer Challenge can be found at www.xuinet.com/2008FlashR.

The Xuinet FlashR awards will be announced in San Francisco on November 17, 2008. In addition to cash prizes, some of the latest Flash development software from Adobe will also be awarded. Title sponsor Adobe is joined by additional sponsors and contest judges including DeviceAnywhere, through which developers can leverage 1500 real devices to build, test and port best-in-class mobile applications, and Millennial Media, the leading mobile advertising network in the U.S. in terms of both impressions and reach.


Cool flash lite mobile application video on adobe

flash lite application_nasdaq executive

flash lite application_finetune

flash lite application_finetuneSpongeBob SquarePants

Via Bill, Adobesetup a new mobile demos page on the Adobe site which has 8 different video walk throughs of Flash mobile applications that have been created by various companies. They are:

  • Bacardi
  • Mightyverse
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Finetune
  • Nasdaq Retail
  • Sony Pictures
  • Johnny Walker
  • Nasdaq Executive

Have a look to these video and hear the User experience they are talking about. Really intresting application i saw these demo in Forum Nokia Widgets and Flash Lite Code Camps, Bangalore.


Forum Nokia article: The Value of Good Design

 The Value of Good Design
This article gives an explanation to what is good design and why it should be pursued in the first place. The article discusses the very core of design and the value that good design can bring to the end product. The article also takes a look into design today and tomorrow.

There is importance of design and good design which we need to understand. Design is everywhere and anywhere 🙂

Read this article


In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use

japan mobile life

An interesting short report via Wired that people in Japan feel that phone become too complex with the features they have it. Japan may be in a culture of spec sheets. Where consumers go to electronics stores to buy a cellphone, they frequently line up the specifications side by side to compare them before deciding which one to buy. Some of the famous Japanese mobile companies are NTT DoCoMo, KDDISoftBank and they make 5 % of global mobile phone sales, and rest all of those sales are just domestic.

  • Japanese handsets have become prime examples of feature creep gone mad. In many cases, phones in Japan are far too complex for users to master.
  • “There are tons of buttons, and different combinations or lengths of time yield different results,'” says Koh Aoki, an engineer who lives in Tokyo.
  • Experimenting with different key combinations in search of new features is “good for killing time during a long commute,” Aoki says, “but it’s definitely not elegant.”
  • Japan has long been famous for its advanced cellphones with sci-fi features like location tracking, mobile credit card payment and live TV. These handsets have been the envy of consumers in the United States, where cell technology has trailed an estimated five years or more. But while many phones would do Captain Kirk proud, most of the features are hard to use or not used at all.
  • “Some people care about quality, but first and foremost it’s about the features,” says Nobi Hayashi, a journalist and author of Steve Jobs: The Greatest Creative Director. He estimates that the average person only uses 5 to 10 percent of the functions available on their handsets.

The most important thing for any mobile company whether it is a product or services, is to provide unique user experience to end users.”Cellphones are now a days becomes an integral part of life “People are always using them and holding them, even in the middle of a meal anytime anywhere”.


Qualcomm and Adobe Flash Collaborate to Empower Developer Ecosystems With BREW Mobile Platform


Qualcomm and Adobe announced the BREW® Mobile Platform with integrated Adobe Flash® technology and new platform features. BREW Mobile Platform, which leverages Qualcomm’s widely deployed BREW Client software, greatly expands the capabilities for developers and enables them to create rich applications and Web content in Adobe Flash for the BREW environment. The software will fully integrate and deliver Adobe Flash technology to mass market handset devices. By combining the strengths of both BREW and Flash technologies, BREW Mobile Platform brings the mobile application and Web content development communities together, setting a new standard for mass market handset platforms.

The differences between the Flash Lite extension model and the BREW Mobile Platform are:

  • Adobe Flash technology will be directly integrated into the platform, meaning no per/device per/carrier certification will be required
  • BREW developers will be able to use existing native BREW API interfaces directly with Flash via ActionScript – so Flash can become the presentation layer
  • The BREW Mobile Platform will be shipping on all mass market BREW handsets worldwide – for all BREW carriers

Great News and increasing wide areas for Adobe Flashlite developers 🙂

Read more
Indepth thoughts via Bill perry


Chunghwa Telecom launches Channel Me, powered by Adobe Flash Cast.

Chunghwa Telecom-Flash Cast service

Via Mark Doherty,  Yesterday in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom launched their new Channel Me service, powered by Flash Cast. The service launches with some fantastic looking channels, some of which you can play with, see here (press the yellow button). Channels include news, weather, sports, travel, dining out amongst others. The channels look fantastic and really fit the vision of rich and engaging experiences.

The service is supported on Series 60 and Windows Mobile devices from the launch include the stunning HTC Diamond.


Unplug your mobile chargers: let’s save the world for tomorrow

unplug your mobile- lets save the world

It’s not a story or just an another post to read !! We all love our mobile devices and can’t live without it. But the simplest thing which we always forget to unplug our mobile chargers after fully charged!!!

Do you know

If 10% of the world’s mobile phone owners unplugged their phone chargers when fully charged, it would reduce energy consumption by an amount equivalent to that used by 60,000 European homes. So pull then plug and start saving energy.
Think again.

Let’s save our beautiful world for tomorrow.

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Microsoft Challenges Adobe Stranglehold: Silverlight versus Flash Lite in the Mobile Arena


The Strategy Analytics report says, “Silverlight on Mobile will not catch up with Adobe’s Flash Lite in the foreseeable future, but Microsoft recognizes a great opportunity beyond providing an alternative to Adobe’s Flash Lite. This Silverlight strategic offering will boost Microsoft’s online and cross-platform ambitions in the mobile space according to analysts at Strategy Analytics.

“The Silverlight deal with Nokia gives Microsoft access to Nokia’s S60 licensees including LG, Samsung which is vital for competing with Flash Lite,” commented Sravan Kundojjala, Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “They estimates that over 1.7 billion Flash Lite-enabled phones will be shipped globally over the next three years alone.”

Stuart Robinson, Director of the Handset Component Services added, “Strategy Analytics believes cross-platform wars will likely heat up in the mobile space, an argument strengthened by Nokia’s Trolltech acquisition. And also believes that SUN Microsystems will join the fray with its JavaFX platform.”

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“Nomophobia” Are you fear of being without mobile phones !

india mobile
Image source from Jcyrai

I found this very intresting while reading some blogs that Researchers have named the fear of being out of mobile phone contact called as ‘Nomophobia.

No one want to loose loved ones and it’s a highly common fear that most of us possess. Everyone keeping in touch with friends or family using mobile devices and its something no one can forgot to keep anywhere and always carry.  Weather in job or personal we never swtich off our phones normally.

Stewart Fox-Mills, the head of telephony at the Post Office, UK commissioned the survey, noted that nomophobia affects many people. However, men (52 percent) are more likely to be mobile phone phobic as compared to women (48 percent).
Out of the 2,163 people who were questioned, more than 20 percent agreed that they never switched off their handsets, whereas 10 percent admitted that due to their job profile, they needed to be contactable all the time. While, over 55 percent people of the volunteers use their phone to be in contact with friends and family, 9 percent agreed that switching off the phone made them anxious.

I have to be honest and yes i am nomophobic 😉

Are you in the category of nomophobia?  😀


CloseVU extends mobile entertainment using Adobe flash lite 3 at NAB 2008 for Sports Mobile TV Portals

very exciting news for all sports lover 🙂 CloseVU extends mobile entertainment using Adobe flash lite at NAB 2008 for Sports Mobile TV Portals.

CloseVU, the company founded to mobilize sports and action content, will demonstrate its full complement of award-winning production and server products at NAB 2008 in Las Vegas. they provide solutions to package, and publish fast-paced programs such as sports on small screens.

CloseVU Mobile Portal provides turnkey “highlight media players” for creating real time sports portals for multiple mobile platforms including Apple iPhone/Pod, Adobe Flash for Web and Adobe Flash Lite 3 for Mobile. CloseVU Mobile Portal features include ways to create engaging, interactive experiences by adding pop-ups, interactive games, updates, and sponsorships to your media player. CloseVU Mobile Portal offers numerous ways to increase sponsorship opportunities with banners, logos, and targeted sponsorships linked to specific in-game events. The user experience is enhanced with interactive elements including options for close-ups or slow-motion views of key plays.

Some important features are:

  • CloseVU LiveZoom
  • CloseVU Graphics Grabber
  • CloseVU Instant Highlights

Very Interesting!! as sports is a proven, key driver for on-demand mobile content.

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