Motrr founders Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt created a revolutionary product “Galileo“.

iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation capability. Galileo is an invaluable tool to everyone from an amateur photographer to the professional cinematographer, and vastly improves the experience of video chat for anyone needing to stay connected.

2020 Vision: The Multi-Screen Experience

2020 Vision, A documentary on Future of TV, seeking the opinions of industry experts and pioneers exploring the future of the television platform, exploring how television will evolve over the next ten years.

The webisodes investigate the evolution of television and how this will impact audiences and advertisers in the future:
· How technology is changing the way we interact and engage with TV
· The power of the audience
· Future programming trends
· The impact of the changing landscape on advertisers
· What will TV look like in 2020?

3 button mobile interface concept

An intuitive motion design concept for a simplified mobile interface, that anyone could use. Designed by Ribot, in response to research gathered from a feasibility study focusing on improving the experience on touchscreen devices for people with dexterity impairment.


Transforming the magazine experience with Flash Player 10.1 and adobe air on tablet device

At Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA showcases Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR on Tegra-powered tablet device. See a slick new digital magazine experience based on WIRED magazine, powered by Adobe AIR. This prototype runs across different device types with Adobe AIR and illustrates the possibilities for magazine publishers to reach readers in new ways.

“In addition, with this digital magazine concept, advertisers have new possibilities for displaying ad content. Advertisers can develop rich-media magazine “inserts” to provide expanded information to customers directly within the magazine experience — without directing the reader’s attention away to a Web site. Publishers can also offer expanded ad formats that include animation and embedded video. Finally, as is the case with most digital advertising, this new magazine concept opens the possibility for more precise advertising performance metrics beyond the comparatively crude audience measurement/ad engagement techniques in use today.”

Interesting!, i love the new digital magazine experience on tablet the way they shown it, simple and intuitive 🙂