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2013 Tech Trends

Tech Trend predictions for the coming year by frog design.

A Philosophy of Restraint

We appreciate that less is usually more, yet stuff our sites to bursting point, failing to be economical with what we have.

We must know when to stop, and when to throw things out. We should embrace simplicity and subtlety, and exploit the invisible.

Through timeless lessons and practical examples, learn how reduction and restraint can improve communication, emotion, and experience in our designs, with a philosophy applicable to every aspect of the systems we produce.

by Simon Collison

Mobile Prototyping Essentials

This presentation by Rachel Hinman is loaded with lots of insight thought on Mobile Prototyping essentials.

The Power of Mobile Web for Tourism

Nice presentation by Stephanie Rieger

Making Clients Part of the Design Process

The Importance of making clients part of the design process. Nice presentation.

Why collaborate with your clients? Because when clients and designers work together as equals towards a shared goal, they can feel like they’re part of the design process. Facilitated collaboration can inform and inspire your design team, so you are empowered to create great design work. It can also create alignment, which contributes to ongoing trust and ownership from all parties involved. via Frog

Six ways to think about multi-screen design

A short presentation by Precious, outlining six design patterns for multi-screen experiences. The presentation outlines different ways to think about the relationships between multiple co-existent screens (which they’ve called Coherence, Synchronization, Screen Sharing, Device Shifting, Complementarity, Simultaneity). via smallsurfaces.

It’s about people, not devices

We live in exciting times. Times of innovation, invention, and rapid change. Technologies that were unthinkable years ago are now commonplace. Close to 1.5 billion people worldwide use a computer, but that figure pales in comparison to the 4.2 billion (75% of the planet) who use or have access to a mobile phone.

Presentation by yiibu, download here Via UXbooth

Presentation: Rethinking the Mobile Web

A Nice Presentation by Yiibu on Mobile web experience.


Presentation: Best practices for Flash applications on mobile devices

Via Scott, A concise presentation on best practices for flash applications on mobile devices by Adobe Evangelists “Michael Chaize”.