i2fly featured in cool mobile design catagories on PAGE design magazine :)

i2fly page mag germany_01

i2fly page mag germany_02

i2fly page mag germany_03

i2fly on the cool mobile design showcase of PAGE magazine’s January 2009 issue. I’ve been dreaming of being featured on publications this year and never imagined to be get featured in the beginning of new year. Feeling soo great and a dream come true 🙂

About project:
Mysore dasara is a mobile website designed for Indian festival. you can find the finest information while traveling there, an ultimate travel guide for events schedules, hotels, how to reach, image gallery etc.
You can read about Mysore dasara mobile project here.

Cheers everyone. 🙂


New wishes and New year 2009 :)


I don’t feel its too late to wish all of you for a very happy & cheerful new year seasons 🙂 i was on holidays with parents and many new plans for this year. Apologies too if i haven’t replied to any of your mails, need to catch a lots of things .

Feel free to get in touch with me if you are looking for Graphics & Interactive designer. we can discuss projects offline.
just send me an email to vivek@i2fly.com

Cheers everyone


Nokia Developer Confrence ’08’, Bangalore

Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Nokia Developer Confrence ‘08′, Bangalore
Forum Nokia is organising Nokia Developer Confrence ’08’ in Bangalore. So let’s join, share and see what you are dreaming about 🙂
I like this character also very much its simple and cute 😉 

Event details:

Date: 10 Dec. 2008
City: Bangalore
Venue: Taj residency, Bangalore, Karnataka

Register here

The great news is Forum Nokia is offering IndiMaD members an additional 25% discount on the registration fees. If you plan to attend the event, please register for the event & send an email to group moderator for the discount. This discount is available till the 21st of November 2008.

I will be there for sure so feel free & buzz me on my mobile 9986642998, let’s meet and discuss anything you like.


Adobe Flash Lite Penetration Forecast for 2008/2009

This is great news for all Adobe Flash lite developers via Mark, This time Strategy Analytics shown a great detail statistics for Adobe Flash lite Forecast worldwide.

strategy analytics logo

Flash Lite Penetration Forecast for 2008/2009
Forecasted Shipments of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide

As you can see from above images that they are forecasting over 922 million devices to be shipped with Flash lite by this year end. In 2009 it will cross 1 Billion device mark and by the next year end it will ship up 1.5 billion which is very incredible and show a happy face around Adobe flash lite developers. I hope in India we will see some great business around.

Flash Lite Penetration india Forecast 2008-2009
Forecasted Shipments of Flash Lite Devices APAC “India” region

Look the above image Indian regions are growing pretty well too 🙂

Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide
Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices Worldwide

Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices in India
Forecasted Installed Base of Flash Lite Devices in India

Strategy Analytics also project the penetration of Flash Lite 3 across the install base. In the above image you can see the decline of Flash Lite 1.1 devices and Flash Lite 2.x and 3.x increasing globally but yes as in case of India Flash lite 1.1 devices are increasing a bit :).

I must say that Strategy Analytics and Adobe shown a very clear and sharp data for Flash lite developers.
Thanks Mark for sharing this important data with us.

Download pdf here



My article updated on Adobe DevNet: Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4

i2fly-designing for mobile devices

I recently updated my article on Adobe Devnet “Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4“. Using design and i much passionate about  creating engaging experiences which differentate any simple application in to enjoyable, usable and engaging.

“The visual elements that comprise the user experience on mobile devices are themselves becoming more important as devices become more complex and users become more adept. I believe there is a great opportunity at this time to help shape the future of user interfaces on handheld devices and promote intuitive interaction as a standard. Making something beautiful, as well as functional, will result in an application that is useful and offers a more interesting and compelling experience for consumers.”

“Put simply: small is beautiful. When interface design effortlessly fulfils the purpose of an application while also enhancing its aesthetic, there is a greater chance that the end product will be successful. Users are naturally more drawn towards an application that they view as enjoyable and engaging.”

Its great and love to know your feedback, kindly post your comments.


Register for Mobile Sessions at MAX North America

MAX 2008

Via Bill, register for the mobile sessions at MAX North America (San Francisco), a lot of good sessions lined up with some of the best presenters. From Flash Lite development, to the new features of Device Central CS4 to using the CS4 tools for designing, development and testing of mobile Flash experiences – there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a quick listing of the mobile sessions, labs and a pre-event workshop:


Hands-on labs

Pre-event workshop


Forum Nokia article: The Value of Good Design

 The Value of Good Design
This article gives an explanation to what is good design and why it should be pursued in the first place. The article discusses the very core of design and the value that good design can bring to the end product. The article also takes a look into design today and tomorrow.

There is importance of design and good design which we need to understand. Design is everywhere and anywhere 🙂

Read this article