Video: Adobe Device Central CS5 Sneak Peek

Dale’s posted a new sneak peak video of the new features in Adobe Device Central CS5.Few important thing as collected from scott:

  • ADC is not just for mobile phones, it also supports other devices such as those that are in the Adobe Digital Home realm (e.g. TV’s, set top boxes).
  • Supports community sharing of profiles. Community, Private, and Adobe Certified are all different types of profiles a developer can be using now, as well as sharing with other developers during project development.
  • Accelerometer for testing against devices that support that sensor.
  • GPS sensor panel.
  • Multi-touch panel.
  • “Dockable UI” just like in other CS products (e.g. Flash). Workspaces are also supported.
  • Fireworks is now part of the ADC work-flow (BTW: Fireworks is being picked up for mobile design across various device platforms, even iPhone!).


Adobe Device Central CS4 – Update 5 available

Via MarkAdobe Device Central CS4 profiles update 5 is available for download. This new update contains 36 new and some updated profiles bringing the total number of supported devices to 738. It includes many profiles like:

  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Flash Lite 3.1
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia N86 8MP
  • Nokia N97
  • Samsung I8910 HD

All new device profiles are directly available through the Online Device Library in Adobe Device Central CS4. You can double click a new device in the Online Device Library to download it to the local library. Alternatively, right click the device and then choose “Download to Local Library”.


    Adobe Device Central – Profile Update 7 available for download

    adobe device central

    Via Mark Doherty, Adobe Device Central – Profile Update 7 is available for download

    Device profile update number 7 is by far the largest profile update which includes 261 Number of device profiles.
    This update contains 57 new device profiles from all regions of the world, many released in the last few months, as well as updates to 204 existing profiles. Just to remind you Adobe just released Adobe Device Central CS4 with the coolest features, so keep your eyes open 🙂


    Adobe Device Central CS4 released with smart features

    Adobe Device Central CS4 released with smart features

    Adobe today announced the release of new Adobe Device Central CS4 with cool new smart features 🙂

    Some of the main features are:

    Dynamically updated online library of device profiles new
    adobe device central cs4
    Access the latest device profiles through the dynamically updated online device library, which contains more than 450 Adobe® Flash® Lite™ supported devices. Browse, search, and sort device profiles; directly compare multiple devices along several dimensions; and create custom sets of devices for quick project access.

    High-quality video for communicating ideas
    Pitch ideas to clients and executives more easily by recording and sending a high-quality movie clip of your content, all from your desktop.

    Improved video support and integration
    adobe device central cs4
    Benefit from improved video integration through support for FLV emulation and recommended mobile export presets for Adobe Media Encoder. In addition, easily set up an Adobe After Effects® mobile project with device-specific compositions by selecting the target devices in Device Central.

    Organization of work for mobile projects
    adobe device central cs4
    Adobe Device Central CS4
    Manage and save all assets, target device profiles, and export options related to a mobile project in one central location.

    Performance simulation and testing automationnew
    adobe device central cs4
    Save time by automating the testing of mobile content across device profiles. Throttle throughput and emulate the latency of various wireless networks to simulate the performance of your content for Flash Lite in real life. Record, save, edit, and share test sequences, including capturing snapshots at certain frames. You can then view the log to quickly and visually identify any problems with the content. Also rerun existing test scripts with the click of a button.

    Easy upload of content to multiple locations new
    Simplify project collaboration and content deployment on mobile phones by choosing one or more wizard-guided export services, such as Upload to FTP Server and Send to Bluetooth device, which you can save and then reapply with a single click. Create your own export services, or benefit from third-party plug-ins built using the Adobe Device Central Export Service software development kit (SDK).


    Adobe Device Central – Profile Update 5 features the first Flash Lite 3.0 devices available in the market.

    adobe device central

    Via Mark Doherty, Adobe Device Central – Profile Update 5 is available for download and This update features the first Flash Lite 3.0 devices available in the market.
    It’s very Important! Before downloading Update #4, you must FIRST download and install the Flash® Lite™ 3 Update for Device Central CS3 and for Flash CS3 Professional (2 separate updates).



    My first article published on Adobe Devnet on “Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper”

    Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper 

    My first article published on Adobe Devnet (Mobile & Devices Developer Center) on “Using a simple and useful template for creating Flash Lite wallpaper” In this article you will see how you can use this template, which provides you an additional visual view in Adobe device central to see how your wallpaper looks in actual Flash Lite-enabled phones. It save time in your development workflow.

    I write about this earlier (older version) and love to see this as future feature in Adobe Device Central for other devices too so that developer can make the production process faster and easier.

    Feel free to post your comments/suggestions anything.  🙂

    Read article here


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    Adobe Device Central, found another new bug

    Just working on some Flash lite concept i found another new bug in Adobe Device Central.

    “Jpeg Image issue ” show a red screen in Adobe Device Central.

    I tried using Bitmap Image quality settings (tried changing from below 100 %) as in below images, it gives me a red screen output “FLERR: Bad Image Data Error!
    in Adobe Device Central But when i tried the same process using Flash 8 nothing happens. Not sure what can be the reason for this ?. An Image quality can be adjusted easily to get a desired size output.

    Adobe device central Jpeg bugs

    Some other bugs and missing features which i posted earlier can be seen here.Read more

    Hope Someone from Adobe can look in these bugs and will solve soon.



    Adobe Device central, is something missing?

    adobe device central

    While doing a short review of Adobe device Central i feel something is missing.
    Like :
    1. Why no profile (sample device set) for 240×320 under fl 1.1, i use Nokia 6131 with fl 1.1 very similar case in FL 2.0 no profile for 176×208.
    2. Even Screensaver functions support in Nokia 6131 but functions are disable not sure why?
    3. An addition of Mini display (on supportive phones) in ADC will be really great advantage as it will help in to see content in emulator itself.
    4. In wallpaper mode rather then shrinking the space from top and bottom if we will show default icons then it will be really great and user can see how visually content looks. As in practical nothing happens like that. Off course in other sense user know that design should not disturb user interface.
    Kindly read full post here  where i mention why and how its useful and it really save time of developers. As even in other emulator like imode-html Simulator, its there.
    5. Under Display>reflections we have indoor, outdoor etc. Why not night just curious we can make backlight glow and it will be interesting to user how it looks in night….just a thought.
    6. No auto refreshment or a Restart button, each time user has to refresh manually his apps./screensaver/wallpaper etc. It will be great if we have a restart or rerun button. So no double clicking on device list. It also depends on how scripting is written but in many cases it’s required to rerun applications.
    7. Why older device like Nokia 6680 removed in recent device profile list.Just curious as it should be there.
    8. I installed device profile 5 in flash 8, got error. When choose Nokia 6131 in wallpaper mode then phone height shrinks which is wrong. Instead of content to be shrink as Its not happening in ADC (Adobe device central).

    It will be great if anyone notice or feel some missing or future features of Adobe Device Central, Feel free to post here. I hope any one from adobe will notice or speak something.


    Adobe Device Central Online Goes Live with first Device Update

    adobe device central

    Adobe Device Central Online release the 1st Device Update, now available with over 40 new devices.

    “Adobe® Device Central Online is the online service where you can easily download free device profile updates for use in Adobe Device Central CS3. Stay on top of new Adobe® Flash® Lite™ mobile devices from around the world through regular updates that plug into Device Central CS3 and provide the same functionality as the built-in device profiles.”

    You can download Adobe Device Central User Guide — Complete Help here

    Download device update here