Adobe Device central, is something missing?

adobe device central

While doing a short review of Adobe device Central i feel something is missing.
Like :
1. Why no profile (sample device set) for 240×320 under fl 1.1, i use Nokia 6131 with fl 1.1 very similar case in FL 2.0 no profile for 176×208.
2. Even Screensaver functions support in Nokia 6131 but functions are disable not sure why?
3. An addition of Mini display (on supportive phones) in ADC will be really great advantage as it will help in to see content in emulator itself.
4. In wallpaper mode rather then shrinking the space from top and bottom if we will show default icons then it will be really great and user can see how visually content looks. As in practical nothing happens like that. Off course in other sense user know that design should not disturb user interface.
Kindly read full post here  where i mention why and how its useful and it really save time of developers. As even in other emulator like imode-html Simulator, its there.
5. Under Display>reflections we have indoor, outdoor etc. Why not night just curious we can make backlight glow and it will be interesting to user how it looks in night….just a thought.
6. No auto refreshment or a Restart button, each time user has to refresh manually his apps./screensaver/wallpaper etc. It will be great if we have a restart or rerun button. So no double clicking on device list. It also depends on how scripting is written but in many cases it’s required to rerun applications.
7. Why older device like Nokia 6680 removed in recent device profile list.Just curious as it should be there.
8. I installed device profile 5 in flash 8, got error. When choose Nokia 6131 in wallpaper mode then phone height shrinks which is wrong. Instead of content to be shrink as Its not happening in ADC (Adobe device central).

It will be great if anyone notice or feel some missing or future features of Adobe Device Central, Feel free to post here. I hope any one from adobe will notice or speak something.



  1. Flash Lite 2.0 and 2.1 profiles for a load of devices. Take the Nokia N93, it ships with Flash Lite 1.1 but you can download and install Flash Lite 2.1 from the Adobe website, so it’s a real shame that Device Central doesn’t have this profile for development.

    Older devices like the 7610 and 6260, devices that I currently use to test Imofo.

  2. I have also found that it does not have profiles for phones like 6630. I also have a problem like what what was posted earlier by cisnky.

  3. Thank you for your feedback. We will discuss these points internally.

    Christian Halbach
    Adobe Systems, Mobile Authoring

  4. Hello Vivek,

    thanks again for your feedback. We have discussed your questions within the mobile authoring team. Here are some answers:

    1)We made the decision to support the popular screen sizes for generic profiles: 176×208 for FL 1.1 and 240×320 for FL 2.x

    2)This is actually a bug in the profile. We will fix it with the next updates.

    3)We had already thought about this. It would require additional profiles. We will consider this for the next versions.

    4)To be considered for next versions.

    5)To be considered for next versions. Would you find it useful to be able to integrate your own reflection images?

    6)To be considered for next versions.

    7)We only list preinstalled Flash Lite players.

    8)Maybe a bug. We will test this.

    We might soon add some of your questions and the answers to an FAQ on the Adobe Device Central site. Thus the developer community has a centralized page for questions about Adobe Device Central. Please, also consider the release notes in the installation folder of Adobe Device Central and the technotes published in Adobe’s knowledge base (http://www.adobe.com/support/)for now.

    Christian Halbach
    Adobe Systems Incorporated, Mobile Authoring

  5. Why can’t I use magnify in Device Central? Its all grayed out and just can’t select it!. 🙁

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