Mobile Marketing as the Future of Advertising using flash lite

“With over 200 million mobile phone users in America, today’s mobile phones have become capable of much more than flashy ringtones. The possibilities for creative marketing and product branding are limitless — and innovative design firms are taking notice.”

According to Punchkick Interactive co-founder Ryan Unger …

They saw a potential for unbelievable growth in mobile advertising areas and it can create an incredible impact.

As i think its really a upcoming and growing area where flash lite can play a major role and creative firm can do wonder 🙂 . Advertising on mobile can be on many ways in the form of screensaver, wallpapers or a catchy flash advertisements etc. which can really attract users.

Share your ideas here.

what you think about the other ways, how flash lite can be used for advertising in mobile phones?

Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions and comments etc.

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  1. I think this sis so true. I have cretaed a nice little text ticker that get ads from a database then if you want more info you select a button that give you contact info and much more. I think this could be a great way of advertisment on the mobile.

  2. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title e Marketing as the Future of Advertising using flash lite at I2fly. Thanks for informative article

  3. Yes, it’s becoming popular here. Even though I told my service providers not to send me ads to my phones, I still get mobile ads every week. I understand some young people like to have ads and news flash on their phones because they are in need to be in trend.

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