“Connecting” documentary is an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience from some of the industry’s thought leaders.
As the role of software is catapulting forward, Interaction Design is seen to be not only increasing in importance dramatically, but also expected to play a leading role in shaping the coming “Internet of things.” Ultimately, when the digital and physical worlds become one, humans along with technology are potentially on the path to becoming a “super organism” capable of influencing and enabling a broad spectrum of new behaviors in the world.

The future of customer experience

“A young woman uses mobile technology to identify, search and buy an outfit for a wedding and to interact with retailers in the online and physical worlds.” This video is all about engaging customers in retail world.

A Microsoft Vision Of The Future Of Mobility

The future holds “an expanded definition of productivity where it’s not just about getting things done. It’s also about doing the right things, and doing them well and enjoying the process with other people in a very natural way.”
In the video, Microsoft paints a world in which smartphones are about the size of a business card, and just about any surface you come into contact with has a touch-sensitive interface.

The Future of Self-Service Banking

ATMs were first introduced over 40 years ago and since then many features have been incrementally added to the machines, in order to fulfill the dream of a truly “automated teller”. Modern ATMs offer a wide range of banking transactions; nevertheless the actual interaction has remained largely untouched.

Have a look at the video to learn about the unique features of the envisioned self-service experience. It took 2 years of time and a team of committed companies to develop this ATM. Via IDEO

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Rimino – A Human Touch on Mobile Experience

Now here’s the mobile experience made me wow: Project Rimino redefines mobile experience through human factors research and design thinking. Informed by human experience, the project is guided by both observational and experimental design research methods.

The Rimino concept is an E-paper mobile device with a user interface inspired by print posters. Historically, as technology has progressed, devices have become more conspicuous. Rimino challenges this trend and presents the alternative: technology that is more integrated and more sensitive to the human experience.

Rimino concept video represents a future that is envisioned to be more aligned with what we need and want as people instead of our needs and wants being dictated by technology.

Awesome work with great details.


Pointroll in your pocket: The how and why of mobile advertising with Flash player 10.1

A recent presentation from Adobe max 2010 about how flash player 10.1 can be used creatively for mobile advertising.

“Join Todd Pasternack and Chris Deely of leading rich media provider PointRoll as they discuss the present and future of rich media mobile advertising. Learn how and why you should leverage Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in your mobile campaigns. They’ll explore the overall strategy and creative use of device features and take a look at some code optimized for mobile development. They’ll also touch on some of the future uses of Flash Player, including leveraging existing assets, implementing IAB standards, and serving ads into mobile Adobe AIR applications.”


Future of Screen Technology – Experience video

An “experience video”, that shows how a normal day would be in a couple of years when technologies are affordable enough to be used everywhere. This video is the result of the experiment with Tat open innovation.

You can read more about this experiment here.

I like this, it’s Interesting UI, looks simple & clean.


The Future of Information Interfaces for Emergency Management

“Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are developing an innovative work environment specialized for the management of emergency responses. A PIE system consists of a combination of novel interactive interfaces that aim to transform the way stakeholders, ranging from first responders to policy makers to the public, engage with each other and with dynamic information.

Watch the above video, which demonstrates how the combination of several technological advances, ranging from life-size immersive data graphs and multi-touch maps, to cool touch-enabled handheld devices for courageous firemen-in-the-field, should augment the interaction with information.”

Very cool, i liked this clean interfaces design but i am not sure how this is practical or in real functional!


Inspiring: A Peek at the Future of Interactive Storytelling!

iphone interactive storytelling book

“I was completely blown away by this video the first time through. Such a simple, low-tech, solution produces such an amazingly rich, engaging experience that’s just bursting with possibility for further creativity.
While it’s just a concept at this point, you can see how it can make a new kind of storytelling available to the masses in a way that wouldn’t have seemed possible not that long ago.” via everydayux

“It’s the hybrid book which combined iPhone and an ordinary book.  You can enjoy interactive actions there, by touching the screen or tipping the book as you read it.”

“The keyword of Phone Book is “Analog on the Digital Technology”; it combines digital value of iPhone and analogue advantage of books. This new approach will be able to apply to leaflet / catalogue for business use, art book, picture book or educational tool. It’s also possible to utilize ordinary movies / pictures instead of iPhone application.”

You can find some more info here in Japanese.