Inspiring: A Peek at the Future of Interactive Storytelling!

iphone interactive storytelling book

“I was completely blown away by this video the first time through. Such a simple, low-tech, solution produces such an amazingly rich, engaging experience that’s just bursting with possibility for further creativity.
While it’s just a concept at this point, you can see how it can make a new kind of storytelling available to the masses in a way that wouldn’t have seemed possible not that long ago.” via everydayux

“It’s the hybrid book which combined iPhone and an ordinary book.  You can enjoy interactive actions there, by touching the screen or tipping the book as you read it.”

“The keyword of Phone Book is “Analog on the Digital Technology”; it combines digital value of iPhone and analogue advantage of books. This new approach will be able to apply to leaflet / catalogue for business use, art book, picture book or educational tool. It’s also possible to utilize ordinary movies / pictures instead of iPhone application.”

You can find some more info here in Japanese.


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