Adobe MAX 2008/2009 Cities Announced, again not in India??

 Adobe MAX 2008/2009

Great news!! Adobe MAX 2008/2009 Cities Announced but off course as like as last year or so, again not in India?? Not sure for this reason!! or its not announced yet!!

MAX 2008/2009 will be held in San Francisco, California, Milan, Italy and Tokyo, Japan. MAX is an experience unlike any other, an opportunity to connect with thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives and Adobe staff for education, inspiration, and community.

Few questions if Adobe Max not happening or yet to be announced in India and it will be great if someone from Adobe can give answers:

  • Why no plans for India?, is anything particular?
  • Are we developer/designer are behind the current technologies or current IT scenarios so Adobe don’t think of having a MAX here!!
  • Are we don’t participate in Adobe MAX events. OR is this issue related to money investment? or money per user participation, If Yes!! then why Adobe don’t put a user survey and say how much anyone can pay for??
  • Are great speakers/developers/designers not like to come to India!!

I appreciate if everyone or every Indians can comment here and let’s Join hands to make Adobe to think on MAX event here. Your Views/thoughts/suggestions/ideas anything feel free to write.



  1. I was talking about the same thing with (Adobe staffer) John Koch today too. People in other countries will want to know as well.

    I do know that these events are largely organized locally, and that there’s a large number of different things which affect scheduling.

    Let me work on this tomorrow, okay? I’ll see if we can get info from someone who knows this area better than me.

    tx, jd/adobe

  2. Thanks John for your comments ..
    I am really curious to know about this. As each year it looks promising for such great events but i never see any announcements.


  3. I was really gutted to see the dates for MAX announced without any sign of a Bangalore event as was hinted at.

    Completely share you’re sentiments Vivek, I’ve been to India countless times and think is without a doubt one of the most vibrant and up and coming communities.

    The potential of Indian developers is huge and the interest in Flex, ActionScript, AIR is already there. For a variety of reasons it is in a way still a budding community, not everyone has the opportunity to simply attend international events but these last few years it looks to me like the Indian Adobe community is coming together like no other.

    Adobe missing out on the Indian developer base is a mistake, it should not be something pushed down the line for one of the coming years. The users and the talent is there, what it takes is for a company to dare make that initial investment and more than anything take the developer community seriously.

  4. Thanks Peter for sharing your views and experiences. I agree with you and someone definitely have to think on it.

  5. It would be great to have event like MAX in India but practically speaking, it might not be successful from organizers point of view.

    We hardly see 60% attendance in any flex/flash/air events in India, that too within a city. It would not be good idea to assume people would fly from different cities to attend a two-three days event?

    I see only a few vocal and passionate guys in any event. I used to find a larger community in old flash days, but Flex/AIR things are still growing.

    Let’s not count the number how many people are using flex/air for development? A few of them show up in any event. Those who are passionate and want to do beyond they do currently, attend events.

    I am happy that Indian flex community is growing, but as said I would rather like to see the quality/passion instead of just numbers. I have expressed similar views in flex_india list.

    I would love to see more contribution from Indian Flex community, including me. Contribution in form of talks, code, ideas, etc. I hate to say, most of us are still stuck writing code for what is required by client.. Most of us end up getting things done instead of pushing limits…

    I might be seen as devil’s advocate after this comment. But that is the reality, if someone organizes a event like MAX (like MAX in USA), that person (company) needs to make sure how successful it would be, considering all costs involved and speakers (important key people) flying to speak and finding not enough (number and quality) audience?

    I would really love if I am proved wrong, I would love if whatever I said above happens to be opposite way in reality. As a passionate developer, I would want that to happen.



  6. I was really excited when Ted posted a few months back that Bangalore was being considered for this years MAX but my first thought after reading his post was … is it workable in India? … I personally don’t think we are ready for a MAX yet, I say this having had the experience of organizing initRIA and several local FUG meets … I’m not saying that we don’t need events or Adobe should not pay attention to India but MAX just might be too big and hence not very practical from an organizers point of view. I may be wrong here, but this is what I feel.

    That said, we are getting a lot of love from Adobe and other event organizers this year, check out my recent post on upcoming RIA events in Bangalore

    This is just a partial list, I know about multiple other events that are being planned. None of them are as big as MAX though.

    Given the rate at which the Adobe community has been growing in India hopefully we would have a MAX in India next year.


  7. Giving some more thought to this I remembered SAP has been organizing SAP TechEd in Bangalore for the last couple of years and the event has been a huge success with close to 5000 attendees in 2007 … now TechEd and MAX are quite comparable both in terms of scale and costs so one can argue that such expensive and large scale events can be very successful in India …. but SAP’s community in India is probably way bigger than Adobe’s community and most of SAP’s community is in the big enterprises while Adobe’s is mostly concentrated in small startups and design shops.

    I guess my point is that it’s a tough judgement call and probably Adobe saw more value in having the event in Japan, than having it here in India.

  8. Abdul, I can recognize myself your comments but its not just about an immediate cost/benefit analysis. India and its developers are largely an untapped market, practically everyone recognizes its potential but nobody as far as I know is prepared to make that investment.

    India and IT are synonymous, but correct me if I’m wrong, very few major companies organize events like a MAX. Its just a matter of time for Microsoft to push more money into it and start promoting Silverlight. I firmly believe Adobe needs to be ahead of the curve here.

    I see more of a MAX Japan type scenario, where tickets were just 150 USD with an attendance of about 2000.


    Adobe recognizes it needs to have a presence in Japan, more than likely because of the mobile market which is getting stronger on its roadmap. I believe Adobe needs to recognize India as a developer market for Flex.

  9. If Adobe decides to keep the price of Participant at par with with US. So it be. Who ever can afford would definitely come to MAX event. Die Hard Adobe Users would like come to this events without blinking an eye . I definitely think that Adobe is thinking too much of the low cost per participant. I wouldn’t mind if it is held in anywhere in India. I would certainly come. Hope Adobe would open its eyes now;)

  10. I must agree with the point Peter Elst was making. Although a company has to carefully manage it’s financial and time resources, it’s imperative that Adobe steps it up a notch and holds these conferences in as many countries as possible. Adobe is poised to make an historical move over the next 3 – 5 years if it does the right things. Once of those “right things” is to out flank Microsoft and Silverlight by winning the hearts and minds of developers all over the world. It shouldn’t matter if a relatively small number will be there. What matters is the passion / excitement. Developers want a company that will guarantee them an exciting future. Adobe offers that far more than Microsoft. But Microsoft has beat better products for decades by pouring money and resources into the developer community in dramatic ways. If Adobe takes a measured, careful approach, they’ll lose and Silverlight will win even if it’s a lousy product. Adobe needs to look at Microsoft’s past victories and make sure they don’t make a huge mistake. So I say “Adobe, get off your butt and pour some major resources into India’s programming community! The life you save may be your own!”

  11. I am a regular attendee for the flex events in india-bangalore,i personally feel ADOBE is giving less importants to indian developers.There is an huge upcomming market for software development in india,so ADOBE has to take initiative !!!!

  12. MAX would be great and who wouldn’t rejoice to meet the experts… I personally would love to meet fellow Indians and greats like Jared Tarbell, Keith Peters, Joshua Davis and so many others.
    While thinking about this a thought raised in my mind that maybe we should initiate something like FITC for India?

  13. Many of you are in favor for MAX in India. I also feel the same and hope Adobe targets Indian market in the near future. I have personally interacted with some brilliant designers and they will be elated when it happens.

  14. Followup: I did pass along this link and related links throughout the company last week. I’m sort of embarrassed that no one has followed up with further information.

    It might be best to contact your local Adobe office directly, in order to get answers to these questions.

    (I think the answers would be pretty innocuous, myself — from what I’ve seen of regional MAX events the local office works very, very hard to host such an event, and each region may not be able to afford such an all-hands cost every year — but it shouldn’t be too expensive to provide some guidance, and to accurately set customer expectations.)


  15. Yes Frendz..
    I am very happy that u all are taking this thing very seriously …
    Adobe plz come …

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