Adobe published Flash lite Case Study of shockwave


“The true benefit of developing with Flash Lite is that all you have to do is optimize the file for screen size and resolution—that’s it. Now, porting efforts are virtually eliminated.”

Shockwave Minis are fun, easy-to-play mobile phone games, including titles from MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. Original games, including puzzles, sports, action, and casino challenges.
“Shockwave Minis bring a new category of fun, impulsive mobile games to the mass market,” says Roy Sehgal, VP of Strategy and New Businesses at Shockwave & AddictingGames. “Teaming with Verizon Wireless gives us the unique opportunity to jointly increase mobile game penetration in the United States.”

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iriver clix 2 preview, with new capabilities of flash lite.

Great! Iriver clix 2 is going to be called as iriver 2nd generation (2g) with new improvements and new capabilities of flash lite is expected to be release in 12th feb 2007 in Korea.
A great device with cool features which iriver clix and U10 really missed it.
Main Features are:
1) Flash lite wallpaper.
2) Flash lite Themes (no need to hack them as in U10 some developers did.) So a complete new GUI based on flash lite. Its really great and impressive that iriver opens possibilities to create beautiful GUI.
3) Slimmer then iriver clix and U10.
4) Incredibly beautiful AMOLED display (Active Matrix Organically Light Emitting Diode) Very crisp and bright colours.

5) Fonts

i2fly clix2g

i2fly clix 2G

i2fly clix 2G

i2fly clix 2G

i2fly clix 2

i2fly clix 2

i2fly clix 2

i2fly clix 2G

i2fly clix 2

i2fly clix 2G

Images Via bycube

No technical specifications released yet seems, haven’t found it so if anyone have kindly update it here. But must be with Flash lite 2.0 atleast.

Seems User demand of Rich personalization graphics like using wallpaper, new themes (GUI) etc. increasing day by day and it provides excellent opportunities for designers 🙂

I really love this device very much, can’t wait to see in my hand, and love to see my flash lite content playing in this 🙂 .



Mobile Marketing as the Future of Advertising using flash lite

“With over 200 million mobile phone users in America, today’s mobile phones have become capable of much more than flashy ringtones. The possibilities for creative marketing and product branding are limitless — and innovative design firms are taking notice.”

According to Punchkick Interactive co-founder Ryan Unger …

They saw a potential for unbelievable growth in mobile advertising areas and it can create an incredible impact.

As i think its really a upcoming and growing area where flash lite can play a major role and creative firm can do wonder 🙂 . Advertising on mobile can be on many ways in the form of screensaver, wallpapers or a catchy flash advertisements etc. which can really attract users.

Share your ideas here.

what you think about the other ways, how flash lite can be used for advertising in mobile phones?

Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions and comments etc.

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Cutting edge FLASH-like graphical user interface technologies for mobile devices

twuik_ezinetwuik_3d nav

UK-based Tricastmedia has announced that their display engine for the ultra-compact rich media toolkit TWUIK is now Vector-Graphics based.Offers a powerful UI platform (TWUIK) enabling customers and developers to create better and more visually appealing user experiences, designed for a wide range of mobile devices.

TWUIK is a rich media graphics user interface toolkit for J2ME developers to create UI with visual effects.


  • Powerful: Create Flash-like user interface with advanced animation and effects engine
  • Cost effective: Cross platform development reduces cost and time to market
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn, based on XML data-handling and Java
  • Extensible: Customizable UI components can be included with TWUIK™ to target specific device or application requirements
  • Flexible: Application design and development can change independently
  • Portable: Create eye-catching user interface and content for mobile phones and consumer electronic devices like mp3 players, game consoles, multimedia players

Supportive platform are :

  • J2ME/MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • J2ME/Doja 3.x/4.x (coming soon)
  • Qualcomm BREW 3.x (coming soon)

See demo example here

Interesting! Can someone compare technically with flash lite.


My blog i2fly is added to the MXNA 2.0

Mxna 2.0

Cool 🙂 just got an email from Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers from macromedia that my blog” is now added to the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA 2.0).

MXNA 2.0 allows readers to read different Macromedia related weblogs and news sources, all in one place.It is created by the Macromedia Developer Relations team, and is maintained by Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers.

Now my ideas and post will reach to many people.

Thanks a lot



Sony Ericsson published Developers’ Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1

Great to hear that Sony Ericsson published Developers’ Guidelines for Flash Lite 1.1 under Technical Docs & Training Section.
Following Sony Ericsson phones support flash lite content: generic names are
W600i, W550, W900, W810, W300, W850, W830, W710, W200

There are two main implementations in Flash Lite enabled Sony Ericsson phones:

  • Standalone model
  • browser based model

Docs cover topics like General design considerations and phone features.
Download here


Mobile Bubble or Mobile Gold Rush – Jan 29

Mobile Monday Beijing pleased to announce the first session for 2007 to be held on January 29 at Browns in Sanlitun, with the topic

Mobile Bubble or Mobile Gold Rush?
Is it still worth it investing sweat and equity in China’s mobile content industry?

You will hear the views of invited panelists on what is hot – or not – in mobile services and content in China from an entrepreneurial and investment perspective.

Panelist are :

1. Rocky Lee, Partner – Head of Venture Capital & Private Equity Practice – DLA Piper
2. Akio Tanaka – Director, Emerging Market Investments & Corporate Development – Adobe
3. Harry Man – Vice President – WI Harper Group
4. Niklas Ponnert – Managing Director – Origo PLC

Important thing is Akio Tanka was the CTO of Macromedia Japan where he made Flash Lite a de facto standard in the mobile industry. Akio now oversees investment in the Asian region for Adobe, including China, Japan, Korea and India.

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Hello Japan


Easy way to learning Japanese language, Learn and Test your knowledge with quiz mode, create and Write Japanese messages.
Also we can create and Write Japanese messages (no fonts needed).
Cool application in flash lite developed by Splus.

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Millennial Media lands $6.3 million in funding

Millennial Media, a mobile-advertising services company started by a former a Verizon executive, has received $6.3 million in Series A funding.

The company supports many platforms such as short message Service, wireless application protocol, Qualcomm’s binary runtime environment for wireless, Java 2 Micro Edition, and multimedia message service, with Plans to support Flash lite :), uiOne and all video codecs (video compression/decompression software) by the end of the second quarter.

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Nokia 6131 with Flash lite

nokia 6131

It was a nice surprise gift from my family in this new year
Got Nokia 6131 as my birthday gift 🙂 I am so happy as flash lite 1.1 is preinstalled.


  1. S40 3rd edition device, elegantly crafted, attractive flip phone, one touch push to open design and compact.
  2. Dual displays: Impressive and large 2.2″ QVGA main display in 16.7 million “true color” , 262,144 colors outside
  3. Integrated 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and video recorder and voice recorder
  4. MP3 player and FM stereo radio with Visual Radio (MP3 player supporting formats including MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, H.263, H.264 (eAAC+ only playback no streaming)
  5. Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth wireless technology, Infrared and USB 2.0

For more Technical specification click here


As per Macromedia site the Nokia S40 6131 supports these Flash Lite content types: standalone player, wallpapers, sub LCD, and standby screen (screensaver).

I tested some screensaver and wallpaper in both Main and sub LCD. It works really great and impressive. I am doing some more testing with flash lite content which will upload here soon.

Things which I found: 2 screensaver (galaxy, photos), Sudoku game and animated introduction of phone.



1) As radio will start wallpaper in both main and mini display pause automatically, mean whatever animations is playing it stops at the same stage and remains just like an image.
As i think its a good feature that can save battery a bit.

2) But while charging battery nothing stops (wallpaper in both main and mini display), its surprising but the same case can be applied here too.

Update on march 090307:

As discussed from Hartti Suomela, Forum Nokia

Me: Why there is very limited capabilites of flash lite 1.1 in this cel phone.

Hartti Suomela: Series 40 devices are mass market phones with limited amount of memory available, limited processing power, etc. when compared to for example S60 phones

Me: No accessibilty of simple features like battery, network etc. I understand that some features we cant access while flash lite is in wallpaper as it may drain out battery little faster. But even in stand alone we cant access them. Is there any particular reason for this?

Hartti Suomela: No comment on this, I was not aware that this information was not available for standalone apps. I have to check this at some point.

Me: As radio will start wallpaper in both main and mini display pause automatically, mean whatever animations is playing it stops at the same stage and remains just like an image.
As i think its a good feature that can save battery a bit. But while charging battery nothing stops (wallpaper runs), its surprising but the same case can be applied here too and charge battery faster.

Hartti Suomela: Thanks for the suggestion!


Piko V1.0


Hey! Its Piko another cute wallpaper for your phone. i created sometimes back.
Which is available free in Adobe flashlite exchange.
Download here




If you are finding any problem using this or in download, feel free to send me an Email with your Phone model.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Cute smiley clock

cute smiley clock

A cute smiley clock wallpaper/screen saver for your phone.

It blinks, dazzle and have a cute smile 🙂
When i design this, i was thinking off do these simple things can be liked by people but yes as i feel simple things can do wonder and change your emotions.
Download here

If you are finding any problem using this or in download, feel free to send me an Email with your Phone model.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.