Google Lays Out Its Mobile User Experience Strategy

google_mobile user experience

The event, “Google Presents User Experience & Mobile Apps,” was co-hosted by the New York City chapter of the Usability Professionals Association.

Google user experience designer Leland Rechis talk about Google’s mission: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Rechis added that mobility is fast-becoming the key to making information “universally accessible,” but he warned that without a solid user experience, there is no way mobile applications can be useful.

Rechis said that when Google plans to launch a mobile application, it looks at the potential app through six layers:

  1. Understanding users, anywhere, anytime
  2. Fits in your pocket
  3. More personal than the PC
  4. Consistency across modes
  5. Localization is intensified
  6. Integrated devices, modes, products

Very intresting 🙂 and important to know before developing applications for mobile devices.
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Creativity ++ we launch our new work, have a look :)

ANTS, Bangalore, India 

ANTS, Bangalore, India

ANTS, Bangalore, India

Just finished the web design of Ants India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
See here This project we are working with couple of months and really passionate about it to show how creative we can think 🙂 , in little different way.

Tech: Adobe Flash 8,  Adobe Dreamweaver 8,  Adobe illustrator CS

Little about ANTS :
ANTS – Animation Training School, a first-of-its-kind animation-training studio in Bangalore, India. Set up with the aim of providing quality education to aspiring young professionals in the field of animation and related multimedia applications.

It will be really nice to hear from you, your feedback/ suggestions anything …feel free to write me ( or post here.

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Adobe Creative Suite 3 event, Bangalore

Adobe Creative Suite 3 event, Bangalore, India

Adobe Creative Suite 3 event, Bangalore

Adobe Creative Suite 3 event, Bangalore

Adobe Creative Suite 3 event, Bangalore

Some pics from Live Adobe CS3 event, Bangalore which happened on last thursday, 10th  May 07, Its really cool! got some hands on tips from Rajesh, Adobe and V.natrajan, Image Infotainment ltd. Some Cool features of Adobe which I noticed:

  • Adobe product is now more focussing on similar UI interface and maintain functionality so its easy access from one software to another.
  • More on handy design tools to save time.
  • Now photoshop Supports 3d format like 3Ds, Obj, KMz and collada even video can be edited live(Movie Paint) in Photoshop is really cool.
  • Adobe Photoshop Cs3 extended gives a new dimension to Photoshop like non destructive editing using new smart filters its something very similar to Adobe Fireworks filter where any effects or filters can be applied without altering original images.
  • 2D and 3D measurement tools.
  • Adobe Bridge now can handle Camera Raw Images and even a normal photo can be handled as Camera Raw which is really cool.
  • Adobe Flash CS3 and device central 🙂
  • File handling is easy as Layer supports from Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Illustrator CS3 to Flash CS3 works really perfect for designers 🙂


Get inspired: Adobe Magazine premiere issue released

adobe proxy magzine

Just got a mail from adobe that they released premier issue of proxy magzine.

“We’ve reinvented Proxy magazine to create the all-new Adobe Magazine for Creative Professionals. Subscribe to this free, online quarterly, and discover fresh insight and tutorials from the wide world of visual communications.”

Very nicely designed and typography is excellant, creative thoughts inside 🙂

Download pdf here