Nokia opens its first design studio in India


India seems to be now a global hub for designsers and its growing importance made us the global design capital.  Nokia today announced opening its first satellite design studio in Bangalore, signalling the growing importance the world’s biggest mobile handset maker attaches to India.
The studio, also the company’s first anywhere in the world, will explore a range of design trends and themes, including detailed research into colour and material trends in India. It will also study use of mobiles for Internet in India and its implications for design, and examine innovative new features and uses for mobiles.
“For Nokia, design is not just about the look and feel of the handsets, but equally important is what it can do for people and how it fits into their lives,” Hannu Nieminen, Head of Insight and Innovation, Nokia Design said.

Alastair Curtis, Nokia’s Chief Designer, said “India is a dynamic and inspiring place for designers with its diverse mix of cultures, traditions and color. The new satellite studio will help us further develop our understanding of this vibrant country and to work more closely with its extremely talented designers. Reflecting India’s status as one of the hottest countries for design right now I expect our work here to influence not only our thinking on new design trends and ideas for India, but also for many other markets around the world.”

“Designers must be exposed to how people live and work in different places around the world. Our new satellite studio will draw on the experiences of this dynamic market to develop new design ideas and identify trends,” Nieminen said.

Really a great news for Indian designers 🙂

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