My first article on Flash lite “Creating dynamic screensaver” with Chris Georgenes in his book “How to Cheat in Flash CS3”

How to Cheat in Flash CS3, article published on Flash lite, i2fly

my first article on “Creating dynamic screensaver in Flash lite”

I am really exciting with this book release “How to Cheat in Flash CS3 : The art of design and animation in Adobe Flash CS3” as this is my first article “Creating Dynamic Screenasver in Flash lite” published in this book and working with Chris Georgenes is great experience for me.

Let me tell you something about this book its all how to cheat in Adobe Flash CS3 and tips tricks. It covers dedicated chapter 11 “Going Mobile” for Flash mobile development which covers from Basic to how to create a dynamic screensaver includes tips to optimize graphics and testing in Adobe device central. It includes many chapters related to animation, Flash video developments and time saving techniques.

Chris Georgenes a self-taught as an animator. he run his own animation company: Mudbubble.com. An avid contributor and speaker in many Flash communities and has impressive accolades and credentials, from delivering live Flash technical presentations via Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze), writing articles and tutorials for Devnet, presenting at Flashforward, to running his own Keyframer forum. Chris’s presence and contribution to the Flash community receives great recognition.He has undertaken countless outstanding high profile projects for Adobe, Yahoo!, Digitas, Ogilvy, Gillette AOL, and Pileated Pictures, to name a few. Chris Georgenes is also a featured artist at the Adobe Design Centre and an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). A regular speaker at Flashforward and Adobe MAX.

Book: How to Cheat in Flash CS3 : The art of design and animation in Adobe Flash CS3
Release by:
Focal Press
you can purchase this book via Amazon at the cost of 26.37 $

It will be great if anyone post your experiences using this book and my Flash lite article.
Please feel free to post your comments\suggestions here.

Me = + very happy 🙂



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  2. This is great stuff!!!
    I had been waiting for this since you told me about this…

    Well Done! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Cool man..thats great job..Indian are making great contribution to yhe mobile community..keep up ur good work.

  4. Vivek! Thanks again for your great contribution to the book. It’s awesome to have your creative input and I hope the Flash Lite Mobile world grows larger as a result of your fine efforts. Cheers!


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