Happy New Year and great year 2008 ahead

i2fly new year

It’s great time enjoying this new year eve and year 2007. I must say that year 2007 is really good for me and i2fly. As i release lots of cute and beautiful Flash lite products to decorate everyone’s mobile phones. And my works presented in Adobe Max event(MAX 2007 Japan (Tokyo), MAX 2007 Europe (Barcelona), MAX 2007 US (Chicago), FlashForeward 07, articles published on Adobe devnet, Presented at IndiMAD group Bangalore, co-author with Chris Georgenes in his book. . . sweet memories.

Design is something which always passionate me to deliver an engaging experiences for everyone and create beautiful products with emotions. And designing for mobile devices is off course i love it 🙂
There are many new plans for year 2008!! Hope this year will bring more good thing and great future for i2fly. .

Hope all of you have a great holiday. Wish all of you a very happy new year 2008! 🙂
Let’s make a wish for Peace . Love . Happiness


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