Orihon: microcontent toolkit for publishing in mobile devices in Flash Lite 1.1

Ā Orihon: microcontent toolkit for Flash Lite 1.1

Bryan develop a cool open source project “Orihon” a microcontent toolkit for Flash Lite 1.1 that allows content creators (designers, artists, writers, etc.) to quickly and easily build ‘ebooks, stacks, zines, comics and other digital publications’ for mobile devices using Flash Lite 1.1 or higher. Two examples are availble for download.

ThisĀ projectĀ stillĀ inĀ Alpha.Ā ButĀ itsĀ reallyĀ greatĀ forĀ MicrocontentĀ publishing.Ā I tested in Nokia 6131, 6680 works excellant. IĀ reallyĀ loveĀ itĀ šŸ™‚


Inspiring design: product concepts forecasting how people will use mobile technologies in 2015

nokia future phones 2015_i2fly

Nokia collaborated with Industrial Design students from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London to come up with product concepts forecasting how people will use mobile technologies in 2015.

1 & 2Ā Ik-Soo Shin: ā€œThe aim was a user friendly product that gave an emotional relationship, like a friend. A new generation of mobiles with Artificial Intelligence will be able to express a userā€™s feelings, such as anger. The phone will also automatically recognize the voice of the user, allowing communication between them and their mobileā€.

3Ā – Hannah Nuttal: ā€œThis phone is for those who do a blog and provides a fast, easy and more advanced blogging device. The phone has four layers, allowing for a multitude of functions and different methods of use. It can also be treated like a photo album, with images easily retreived, tagged and published on the blogā€.

4 – Daniel Meyer: ā€œThe device was inspired both by the advent of video calling and the traditional practice of carrying pictures of family and friends with you. The handset is designed to sit as a picture frame wherever the user is, serving the dual purpose of communications device and a comforting familiar focal point at home, at work or when awayā€.

5 – Will Gurley: ā€œDesign your own phone. This is about stripping away technology and making your mobile phone more personal. You can chose a clear perspex case and put in it items that are individual and personal. Alternatively, you can buy attachments that say something about you, like a harmonica or a chess gameā€.

6 – Nicola Reed: ā€œIt aims to get people to be more green. It collects information on how much electricity and gas you use, how you get about, the type of products you buy and how you dispose of waste. It works on a reward system and you can earn free calls and texts by being environmentally friendly, like walking to work instead of drivingā€.

7 – Kimberly Hu: ā€œThe device works with the sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch. The user experiences communication on a multi-sensory level. It can detect, transmit and emit smell. It can also radiate colours, light and temperature from a callerā€™s environmentā€.

8 – Sung-Joo Kim: ā€œPeople constantly upgrade mobiles and discard their old ones. In the future new mobiles will have to exist alongside older models that have become redundant in their primary role. This project proposes an afterlife for them, using secondary functions like the camera. This model allows old phones to become part of a CCTV networkā€.

9 -Jack Godfrey Wood: ā€œSmall, representational beads are exchanged instead of numbers. These are threaded on a necklace and to make a call you squeeze the bead of the person you want to call. Their bead will glow or vibrate. The electronics are in the clasp of the necklace, a microphone is worn as a ring and thereā€™s a wireless earpieceā€.

Very Intresting ! looks great šŸ™‚


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Designing Mobile phone Ui getting serious: what you want in a mobile phone

Its always being so exciting to see a great looking mobile user interface with an easy accessibility may be like an apple iphone, asĀ most peopleĀ like toĀ pick up a new phone and they can carry out at least the basic tasks without reading the manual. Day by dayĀ a smartphones have become very smart and even mid-range phones have more functions in them than most non-technical people can cope with.Ā  So do mobile company really thinks about a usercentric phonesĀ or its just a mean for increasing facilitiesĀ !!!Ā The time has come to make local search a core capability of mobile phones to help users discover both the functionality of the phone and the content that they store on it.

“Believeing that the design philosophy of existing mobile phone UIs is now seriously getting in the way of finding what you want on a mobile phone.”

I was reading an article and like the following below points

  • Many phone functions go unused ā€“ the UI is part of the reason
  • The handset UI is an important factor
  • New functions require new UI thinking
  • Advanced content and services exist but advanced service and content use still disappoints.Ā 

Read article here

What you think? feel free to post your ideas here . .


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Japan’s First time automatic picture Map conversion in Flash Lite

Ā FlashLite in japan, map

The popular version of Japanese portal “mobile goo” announced a free 3 months trial from 2007 July 18th to test new UI using Flash lite “Empowered by Euretechnos” image automatic conversion technology. It enables user to access exisiting maps conversion into Flash lite format that allows user to zoom in/out and scroll up/down. Goo claims to be the first to implement such technologies. This service works on 3G handsets with Flash lite 1.1

Seems cool!! It will be great if someone can post some comments & live screenshots.

Sources IT media


V4x Sequencer:the smart turnkey solution for producing mobile and interactive Internet channels supports Adobe Flash lite

V4x Sequencer

The newest version V4x Sequencer offers the ability to schedule and broadcast both live and pre-recorded materials for web and mobile TV channels. Interactive graphics from the latest Adobe Flashlite and Flash can be added in the V4x timeline to produce eye-catching mobile content.

FollowingĀ featureĀ are:

  • Create programs in record time; easy-looping
  • Build eye-catching shows with pre-set wizards
    and templates
  • Update with just one click
  • Auto-insert sponsor ads/logos as pre-rolls or transitions
  • Engage viewers with rich media and interactive graphics
  • Tag content for WEB 2.0 experience
  • Auto-stream H264, Flash Video, 3GPP; export podcasts
  • Effortless, background formatting for mobile and Web
  • V4x Sequencer requires minimal investment or staffing.
  • Add new revenue with exciting TV 2.0 content.

See demonstration video here
Download pdf here

It looks so easy just drag and drop of different media to make your own final content.
So lets ready with creative mind šŸ™‚



iGiki.com unveils games for iPhone, developed in Adobe Flash CS3

iGiki.com unveils games for apple iPhone

iGiki.com unveils games for apple iPhone

iGiki.com has announced that it will release several games designed for Apple’s iPhone. The games are developed in Adobe Flash CS3 and are modified for use without a mouse.

“iGiki are on the forefront of developing the technology and products that help people access the hottest content for their glorious mobile devices including the iPhone. and his aim is to ignite smiles around the globe šŸ™‚ ”

Games are separated into GikiSingles, GikiPacks, and GikiMinis. iGiki.com has priced the Arcade GikiPack and Brain KikiPack at $2 for three months, which includes GikiPods with the subscription. GikiMinis are free, and the GikiSingles are available for $1 each for three month periods.

User have to enable Adobe Flash in quicktime to view these demo games in PC browser.

I like this phone preety much as User Interface and designĀ is really cool !! Hope to see soon in my hand šŸ™‚


Google Lays Out Its Mobile User Experience Strategy

google_mobile user experience

The event, “Google Presents User Experience & Mobile Apps,” was co-hosted by the New York City chapter of the Usability Professionals Association.

Google user experience designer Leland Rechis talk about Google’s mission: Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Rechis added that mobility is fast-becoming the key to making information “universally accessible,” but he warned that without a solid user experience, there is no way mobile applications can be useful.

Rechis said that when Google plans to launch a mobile application, it looks at the potential app through six layers:

  1. Understanding users, anywhere, anytime
  2. Fits in your pocket
  3. More personal than the PC
  4. Consistency across modes
  5. Localization is intensified
  6. Integrated devices, modes, products

Very intresting šŸ™‚ and important to know before developing applications for mobile devices.
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Creativity ++ we launch our new work, have a look :)

ANTS, Bangalore, IndiaĀ 

ANTS, Bangalore, India

ANTS, Bangalore, India

Just finished the web design of Ants India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
SeeĀ here http://www.antsindia.com/. This project we are working with couple of months and really passionate about it to show how creative we can think šŸ™‚ , in little different way.

Tech:Ā AdobeĀ Flash 8,Ā Ā Adobe Dreamweaver 8,Ā Ā AdobeĀ illustratorĀ CS

Little about ANTS :
ANTS ā€“ Animation Training School, a first-of-its-kind animation-training studio in Bangalore, India. Set up with the aim of providing quality education to aspiring young professionals in the field of animation and related multimedia applications.

It will be really nice to hear from you, your feedback/ suggestions anything ā€¦feel free to write me ( vivek@i2fly.com) or post here.

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