1. Just wanted to let everyone know. The iphone supports also 2 sim cards. That means you will be able to have two lines on your iphone. That means 2 different numbers.

  2. I have seen no authoritative info from Apple on this subject. (Adobe licenses lots of technology to Apple, and vice-versa, but Apple makes its own product announcements.)

    That screenshot may or may not represent final product functionality.

    Apple’s press release states: “Apple today announced that its revolutionary iPhone will run applications created with Web 2.0 Internet standards when it begins shipping on June 29.”

    The phrase “Web 2.0 Internet standards” is a new and strange phrase, and Flash certainly seems like it would qualify, but until Steve Jobs finishes his announcements, then the rest of us out here can’t tell.


  3. (Ryan, I paged back through three links, but did not see any documentation for that assertion. Subsequent searches on “wwdc ‘state of media’ iphone flash” don’t turn up any source info either. One TUAW reporter mentioned it offhandedly, but I’d expect some transcript or speaker info by now if so. Me, I still don’t know what the story is, but that “State of Media” story isn’t solid yet.)

  4. I highly doubt there will be a Flash player on the iPhone, or at least when it first rolls out. Eventually they will be pressured to put it a player on there, but for now I think it is very dubious and highly speculative based solely on that ad … and the numerous blogs that apparently “have it correct” from supposed “reporters”.

    Without it listed in actual printed specs … I’d be more inclined to wait till it actually ships to send the info around the blog-o-sphere.

  5. Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I just search again about iphone and got some advertisement.see on below link just pause on 0.10 seconds. you can see there is Flash video displaying on right hand side corner very similar to the website when you open newyorktimes.com in the browser.
    see video here

    So not sure but looks +ve.


  6. Do they not understand it was a COMMERCIAL!!
    STEVE JOBS address was for advertising!

    They created webpages to be loaded that were JPGs, then zoomed in and scrolled along it, to make the iphone appear to run better, and smoother then it actually will!

    I can’t wait for the mactard hordes to waste their money. They deserve it!

  7. Does iphone support screen saver like nokia phones? by the way Jon i interested abt having 2 sim or 2 line with my iphone but how to go abt it?

  8. Not sure, at present iphone not support flash screensaver or wallpaper but offcourse in future it may and it will be really great then.


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