First mobile phone screensaver catalog utilizing Flash Lite available on Sony Ericsson fun & downloads

smashing content 

Smashing Ideas, Inc., today announced the availability of Smashing Screens for Sony Ericsson phone users. Smashing Screens deliver the next generation in mobile phone wallpapers and screensavers to Sony Ericsson customers, in multiple territories around the globe through the Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads distribution channel. With a Flash® Lite™ catalogue of over 50 animated Screens.

“Today’s announcement is a great example of the creativity of the global developer community and how it can enable a personalized mobile lifestyle experience. Sony Ericsson Developer World is privileged to work with skilled content developers like Smashing Ideas for the benefit of both consumers and other developers, providing developer tutorials and ensuring a steady stream of exciting new content for our phones,” said Ulf Wretling, General Manager and Head of Content Planning & Management at Sony Ericsson.

This is something great news for us . . creative things 🙂

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