Refreshing rain: i2fly releases new collection of Flash lite Screensaver & wallpaper :)

Refreshing rain_Flash lite Screensaver\wallpaper 

Refreshing rain: Flash lite clock Screensaver & wallpaper :)

“Refreshing rain” our new collection of 3 beautiful design of Flash lite Screensaver and wallpaper for your mobile phone. Enjoy the beauty of rain weather in mobile with clock. You will see rain. .drips and drops. .colourful rainbow, little moving clouds and as your network will up and low it show a thunder too on screen. It looks so natural and relaxing to eyes. Let’s feel the rhythm in the rain …see it..love it.

Love to know what you feel about it.

Download these beautiful Flash lite Screensaver and wallpaper here.

Have fun 🙂



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  2. Wow! Great graphics…
    How do you make this graphics work as screensavers on the Nokia N70, i can dowload game and play them but can make the screesavers on to the phone and work as screensavers.

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