Abstract UI: beautiful User interface for mobile

Another beautiful User interface for mobile by TAT, experimental but displaying information in beautiful ways is a huge challenge! Look in to the above video, you will know why i am speaking about it 😉 Day by day data visualization is getting big in picture and many ways to look around them. Here we also need to put our thoughts on how we can make complex things simple to the user. It doesn’t matter what technologies we are using it ultimately final user experience matters a lot.

“We are used to busy idle screens. Information such as missed calls, received messages, widgets on top of your customizable background wallpaper is all trying to get your attention. This is a new take where we go from very precise information to the idle screen as an entity, an abstract map of information. The idle screen will paint and evolve during the day and once you’ve learned its language you will get a whole lot of information just by giving it a glance.”

information is beautiful 🙂


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